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#pickyourpath: (Sandy) Alex G, Joan Shelley, Paddock Stage, Car Camping
Thursday February 27, 2020

(Sandy) Alex G

Alexander Giannascoli, better known by his stage name (Sandy) Alex G, started his career with DIY self-releases on Bandcamp. After being labeled by The Fader as “the internet’s secret best songwriter, (Sandy) Alex G began building up an audience with his label debut, DSU (2014), released on Orchid Tapes to critical acclaim from various publications. In 2015, he signed with Domino Recording Company and released his sixth studio album, Beach Music. He followed it in 2017 with Rocket, which received further acclaim and recognition. Giannascoli’s eighth studio album, House of Sugar, was released in 2019. Giannascoli worked with Frank Ocean on his albums Endless and Blonde, providing guitars and arrangements.

Joan Shelley

Joan Shelley is a songwriter and singer who lives near Louisville, KY, not far from where she grew up. She draws inspiration from traditional and traditionally-minded performers from her native Kentucky, as well as those from Ireland, Scotland, and England, but she’s not a folksinger. She’s not so much a confessional songwriter, although her fifth and newest album, Like the River Loves the Sea, gets closest to such subjectively emotional impressions as perhaps any album to date, and she sings less of her life and more of her place: of landscapes and watercourses; of flora and fauna; of seasons changing and years departing and the ineluctable attempt of humans to make some small sense of all—or, at best, some—of it.

Paddock Stage

Another new stage to announce! We’re not giving away the exact locations of the new stages, since we want you to find them on your own, to pick your own path. But if you know where Pendarvis’ famous horse lives, you’re not far off from this one. As the sun sets and day rolls to night, the Paddock Stage leaps to life, bringing us all back to the dusty field we’ve always loved.

Car Camping

We’ve opened up an unprecedented number of new car camping spots in a new location. Now you can roll into Pickathon with your own tent, gear, and space in which to relax. No more trudging up the steep hills, looking for camping in the brambles, carrying your home on your back. Take it easier this year at Pickathon!

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