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#pickyourpath: FEELS, Kassi Valazza, Comedy & Wellness at Pickathon
Thursday March 12, 2020


Hailing from the East side of Los Angeles, FEELS are known for their electrifying live shows and two highly regarded LPs: their first album was produced by Ty Segall and released in 2016, followed by 2019’s Post Earth, released on Wichita Recordings and produced by Tim Green (ex-Nation of Ulysses.) Pitchfork gave that album an 8.0 saying the album was, “more musically focused and emotionally unsettled, its once shaggy sound sculpted into post-punk precision..” Live, the band pulls no punches, delivering tight hooks, luscious melodies and satisfying chaos with exuberance. They seek to inspire empowerment and unity by connecting with their audience via joyful catharsis; after all- as Pitchfork points out- “”…polemical discourse and rock’n’roll fun are not mutually exclusive—and, if anything, they should encourage one another.”” 2020 finds the band gearing up to record their third full-length album, expected for release in the Fall on Wichita Recordings. Not bad for a post punk glam grunge krautpop whatever band born and raised in LA.

Kassi Valazza

Kassi Valazza has a viscous, light gold voice. It swirls around in your head like whiskey in a snifter; vaporous, and intoxicating. For most of her album Dear Dead Days pedal steel and electric guitar lope along at half time, the in-pocket rhythm section booming from deep in the low end. Its frequencies penetrate your flesh. The songs reverberate off your bones. Her lyrics drip down the inside of your skull. Musicians with Southwest origins dependably bring a languorous relaxation –the slow pace a defense against the oppressive heat of the high desert– and a grim sense of gravitas, having walked among the bleached bones and arid landscapes. At times Valazza sings as if her lyrics are smoke she’s exhaling. You get the hint: Valazza is pretty goddamn good at writing a sad song –but there’s another element, a painted desert, coloured canyon walls at sunset, endless sky vision. Kassi will be your peyote coyote; a guide through these psychedelic vistas. Here she’s found a way to trap the world of cheaters, drifters, lovers and leavers in amber. Wander from your own woes, and come walk with Valazza’s.

Comedy at Pickathon

Sure, we’re well-known around the nation for featuring the best music-centric acts, along with cutting edge tech, sustainability, and design-heavy architecture, but Pickathon’s best kept secret is “Laughs with Amy,” Amy Miller’s comedy nights. Friday and Saturday night of Pickathon, Amy brings together some of the best comedians in the region, which last year included a triumphant return for hometown hero Ian Karmel. Late night, Pickathon fills up with laughter and showcases a lighter side that some festivalgoers may not even know about. We’ve got big plans in 2020 for more comedy at Pickathon, so stay tuned!

Welness at Pickathon

At Pickathon, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with our environmental practices, we want this festival to be sustainable for everyone attending too. That’s why we offer a whole slate of wellness programming at Pickathon, aimed at making you feel refreshed, nurtured, and inspired. This programming runs from yoga classes with some of the best yoga teachers in the Northwest to daily massages, healing art installations, meditative sound experiences, singalongs, a fun run, and some of the best showers you can imagine for an outdoor festival in the woods. In 2020, we’re revamping The Refuge, our festival site focused on wellness to include The Dome, a whole new festival space dedicated to everyone’s health and wellbeing.

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