Aug 1-4

UPDATE: COVID-19 and Supporting Your Local Artist Community
Camping Areas at Pickathon August 2019_Photo by Erin Riddle at KLiK Concepts
Thursday March 12, 2020

We know many of you are concerned with the coronavirus in our community, and our hearts go out to our friends at Treefort Music Fest who just had to postpone their March festival. We’d like to reassure everyone that we are closely monitoring the situation, and Pickathon is still a go for 2020! We’ll keep everyone updated through our newsletter. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen, but we expect the situation to look different in the coming months as this gets under control.

For now, in this timeĀ of need, we’ve got to support our creative class. If Pickathon has showed us anything, it’s how much value a festival can have for a community. Pickathon has held all of our dreams, and has created a new world for us each year. If you can’t make it out to shows right now, go online and buy records from your favorite artists, buy merch, buy tickets as a donation, use your purchasing power to keep the arts in the Northwest alive!

We’re going forward full speed ahead with Pickathon 2020 in order to keep these dates on the calendar for the artists we’re currently booking and we hope you’ll keep up your plan to join us come late July/early August. Support your creative world.

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