Aug 1-4

Podcasts at Pickathon: Chapo Trap House, Off Book & More!
Tuesday June 14, 2022

Through our work with FRQNCY, Pickathon’s been creating amazing new content with some of the best podcast producers…and now we’re bringing them to the festival! Each day in the Lucky Barn, we’ll be hosting key podcasts that challenge ideas, stir up new ways of thinking, and make you chuckle with abandon. Here’s who’s coming:


There’s no podcast quite like Chapo Trap House. If you know, you know, and at this point you probably do! The biweekly show has been covered everywhere from The New Yorker and The Guardian to VICE and PASTE, which calls its creators “the vulgar, brilliant demigods of the new progressive left.” Chapo’s mix of absurdist comedy and freewheeling commentary, skewering political and media figures and reviewing bad movies and books makes this a must-see live podcast at Pickathon on Saturday, August 6!


Off Book: The Improvised Musical podcast, will be at Pickathon on Friday, August 5! It takes years for a Broadway musical to hit the stage, but Off Book improvises a brand new original musical every week! That’s right. With the help of a live band, Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino create a new musical on the spot. With praise from publications like Indie WireUSA TodayParade, and AV Club, Off Book is sure to have you in stitches and duly impressed!


We’re thrilled to welcome Portland-based podcast/radio program The Archive Project to Pendarvis Farm on Sunday, August 7! The Archive Project features talks, lectures, and readings from over 37 years of Literary Arts programming in Portland. A favorite on Oregon Public Broadcasting, The Archive Project enlightens, educates, and culturally enriches through conversation and lectures from great minds and important voices.

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