Aug 1-4

Tickets Nearing Sellout + Unveiling Pickathon Neighborhoods!
Thursday June 23, 2022

Our First Ticket Drop is Close to Selling Out!

Our first drop of the remaining Pickathon tickets is selling fast! At the current pace, we’ll be sold out by next Thursday (possibly sooner). After this ticket drop, we’ll pause before dropping more tickets, but remember the prices will go up and tickets will be scarce, so don’t delay! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Unveiling The Pickathon Neighborhoods

We’ve been promising that Pickathon will look totally different, and now we can start pulling back the curtain on what to expect! Let’s start with the exciting news that we are debuting 5 new stages! But that only scratches the surface. For Pickathon 2022, we’re redefining how a music festival should connect to its natural environment. We’re expanding beyond the stages to create interconnected Neighborhoods throughout the grounds. As you travel through the festival, you will discover new wonders at every turn as music, dance, food, drinks, art, wellness, and crafts all blend together into one seamless, immersive experience.

To minimize our footprint and bring out the natural beauty of Pendarvis Farms, Neighborhoods come alive at different times of the day. During the daytime, the new Grove and Windmill Neighborhoods draw people into magnificent shaded forests. As the sun begins to set, the Crossroads and Paddock Neighborhoods spread out in the meadows under the stars. The Lucky and Galaxy Barn Neighborhoods are expanding to feature new designs and dancing among the orchards of Pendarvis, and the festival favorite Woods Stage will be rebuilt entirely for the new Woods Neighborhood. For those who love to shop at Pickathon, we have a new Market Neighborhood featuring our biggest selection of the best PNW food, crafts, and drinks. We’ve got more news to come, but we wanted to give everyone an early look at these huge changes!

Check out the map to see a preview of Pickathon’s new Neighborhoods!

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