Aug 1-4

Magical, Interactive Art Installations Await You
Thursday July 28, 2022

Art Installations to Enchant and Inspire at Pickathon

Part of the magic of Pickathon’s immersion is stumbling across wild art installations in the woods, or dancing underneath incredible inflated sculptures high in the trees above you.

This year at Pickathon, curator Jean Margaret Thomas is bringing back some of your favorite art installations and welcoming new artists to the farm as well! Our Neighborhoods especially will be full of art, drawing together installations and fresh design to make each part of Pickathon more immersive. We’ll provide a map soon of where the art can be found all around the grounds of Pendarvis Farm, but we also love the surprise of finding something incredible tucked away, so we hope you’ll go looking for art to inspire you!

Here’s a sneak preview of a few of this year’s art installations:

Shelly the Recycledelic Snail
A psychedelic snail large enough for folks to sit down and have tea in, Shelly the Recycledelic Snail comes from Portland’s Portal Arts Collective and debuts this year. Melting down single use plastic into gorgeous panes of opaque “glass”, Shelly’s a stained glass marvel that shows the artistic potential of reuse.

Curious Ear
This was a favorite at Pickathon 2018! Speak your secrets, stories, and jokes into an ear in the forest, and anyone can listen to these anonymous audio snippets elsewhere via a giant mouth. Kids love, adults fear it, and this is a great way to interact with folks at the festival!

As Above So Below
From Axiom Custom Products, this is another favorite from the past. It looks like a glowing spaceship, and when you put on headphones inside of it, the lights move with you, queuing up an immersive voyage experience.

Kinetic DeLight
From Portland’s Mayer/Reed landscape and design firm, Kinetic DeLight features a wall of skateboard wheels that spin and light up as you run your fingers along them, delighting the senses.

A dynamic 12-sided dodecahedron, with each “digital stained glass” side depicting one of the Twelve Olympians. Programmed through a custom software developed by the artist, the infinite colors and patterns never once repeat. 



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