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Refresh Yourself:
Wednesday July 27, 2022

There’s a Thirst-Quencher For Everyone at Pickathon 2022

For years, we’ve thought of our beverage program at Pickathon as its own brew festival, and this year we’re stepping it up even more! With help from our Beverage Director, Charlie Devereux of Wayfinder Beer and Via, we’ll have an even wider range of beer, wine, cider, spirits, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks!

We’re bringing together international brands like Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Hornitos Tequila (the official margarita of Pickathon!), New Belgium Brewing, Tito’s Vodka, and more with regional favorites like RAW Cider, Westward Whiskey, New Deal Distillery, Fort George Brewery and others to present a wide scope of different drinks and perspectives. And we’ve got some amazing surprises in store that will give you a whole new drinking experience at Pickathon this year. For one, we’ve added a whole new bar in the Grove Neighborhood – The Space Bar! More on that Neighborhood soon, but now we have 5 full service bars at Pickathon, all of whom will be presenting a different menu of drinks.

How to keep track of it all? We’re glad you asked…

Pickathon DigitalPour App

DigitalPour is an innovative app that’ll give you a real time look at what’s being poured at Pickathon. You can download the app for free HERE and check it out now to discover local breweries near you. But at Pickathon, you’ll be able to check in with each bar not only to see the menu of drinks, but also to see exactly how much is left in each keg! That’s right, if your favorite drink is running out, you’ll see that and you can run to pour more. You’ll also be able to search using a whole range of filters. Do you want to know every IPA at Pickathon? Search for it! Curious about our cider selection? No problem! Wanna go deep and find out which beer has the highest ABV? We’ve got you! DigitalPour’s a great way to dial in your favorites and try new drinks at Pickathon this year!

More New Beverage Experiences In Store…

Merit Badge Batch Cocktails – Cocktails at Pickathon have been a great new addition to the festival and a way to feature some of the fine spirits we work with. This year, we’re bringing on Pacific NW caterers Merit Badge to create batch cocktails for each bar and for special occasions. You can access all that through DigitalPour, and even find out how much is left of each cocktail batch! Special thanks to Portland Syrups for providing syrups for the cocktails!

Maker Pop Ups at the Windmill Neighborhood – this is totally new to Pickathon and we’re really excited about it. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5-8pm at the new Windmill Neighborhood, we’re welcoming makers, brewmeisters, and vintners to meet each other and meet you! Each pop-up will feature a presentation from each maker, specialty drinks at the bar, a meet and greet, and product showcases. Friday will showcase Drinks/Spirits, Saturday will showcase Beer/Cider, and Sunday will showcase Wine with a focus on Women in Wine.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Never fear, teetotallers and coffee fanatics, we’ve got your back! Brew Dr. is returning with Pickathon’s favorite kombucha. Our coffee bar will be run by Bella Luna Coffee and feature Café Mam as exclusive coffee providers, sourcing only Fair Trade, organic and shade-grown coffee from Indigenous cooperatives. Of special note, Aurora Elixirs is sponsoring the bar in our new Orchard Neighborhood and will be bringing Aurora CBD sodas and Lolo, a hops infused non-alcoholic sparkling drink.

Check out our Beverage lineup here!


Pickathon’s Plates, Cups & Utensils Program

While we’re talking drinks, here’s another reminder about how our Plates, Cups & Utensils program works, for anyone new to the festival. Reusability is the name of the game here! 

Any reusable cup or dish is welcomed at Pickathon (with dishwashing stations everywhere)

No single use cups or dishes are offered anywhere at the festival. Instead, you can purchase reusable steel pint cups from MiiR for all drinks.

For dishes, you purchase a token that is then exchanged with any food vendor for their food on a reusable Pickathon dish with a Pickathon bamboo fork/spoon utensil. When you’re done, you exchange the dirty dishes for another token and start the process over.

It’s a simple idea, but cuts down on a vast majority of the waste that a festival would normally generate.


Cleaning Crew making the weekend happen.



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