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Pickathon Is Greener Than Ever + New Cups & Plates!
Thursday July 14, 2022

Pickathon’s always been a pioneer of green music festivals and we work hard every year to develop new ideas for reducing our footprint and greening our vision for a music experience.

2018 Pickathon, NashCO Photo, fans, woods stage.

The big news is that we’ve redesigned the entire festival to be closer to nature. This year at Pickathon, our Neighborhoods will come alive at different times of the day. When the sun’s at its highest and heat sizzles the fields, we’ll all be gathered in the forests of Pendarvis, checking out new stages in the Windmill, Grove, and the Woods Neighborhoods. At night, when the forests fill with shadows, we’ll move into the meadows under the stars in the Orchard, Cherry Hill, Meadow, and Paddock Neighborhoods.

Pickathon 2022 will pioneer a new way to bring festivals closer to nature. In an even further step, design teams are focusing on sourcing a majority of materials for their creation that are recycled and can be reused beyond just Pickathon.

Of course, we’re planning to continue to limit or eliminate single-use materials at Pickathon, another environmental aspect of modern festivals that we pioneered. Reusability is the key here, and all food and drink vendors will accept reusable dishes and cups. We’ll provide plenty of ways to pick up your own reusable cups and plates and we’ve got good news on that for this year.

For Pickathon 2022, we’re happy to have MiiR onboard providing the signature Pickathon stainless steel pint cups we all collect.

This year will feature our super cute groundhog mascot, check out the design proofs:

MiiR will be creating a number of great merch items for sale at Pickathon,

from water bottles to tumblers to coffee cups, that we’re excited to unveil at the festival. They’re a great example of a company bringing together design forward drinking vessels with open armed generosity (every MiiR product sold gives back to transparent giving projects).

Pickathon reusable plates are coming back too!

We know that a lot of people collect these plates and use them year round (they’re so handy!). This year we’ll have reusable plates made of eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo.

This is all in addition to all the behind-the-scenes environmental work that we’ve got coming back this year. Like a dedicated Recycling Crew carefully monitoring all garbage coming out of the festival in order to reduce our waste footprint to almost zero. Or our system of ride sharing, and our support for bicycling to Pickathon to cut back on single-occupancy cars flooding the festival parking areas. This year, we want to find new ways and pioneer new ideas for greening a music festival.

How Does Pickathon’s Reusable Cups & Plates Program Work?

Originally, single use waste was the biggest target for cutting down on festival waste, and the push to do away with this was led by Pickathon’s pioneering Cup, Dish & Utensil Program.

Started back in 2010, the program has always been an industry leader, and other festivals frequently consult with Pickathon in order to implement similar programs, though most festivals only offer reusable cups. Pickathon moved beyond that early on to offer all reusable dishes. Any reusable cup or dish is welcomed at Pickathon (with dishwashing stations everywhere) and no single use cups or dishes are offered anywhere at the festival. Instead, festival-goers can purchase reusable steel pint cups from MiiR for all drinks.

For dishes, you purchase a token that is then exchanged with any food vendor for their food on a reusable Pickathon dish with a Pickathon bamboo fork/spoon utensil. When you’re done, you exchange the dirty dishes for another token and start the process over. It’s a simple idea, but cuts down on a vast majority of the waste that a festival would normally generate.


Volunteer at Pickathon!

We’re still seeking volunteers for Pickathon 2022! 

Applications are open at the website. Volunteers help make Pickathon happen every year (we thank you!). We’re actively reviewing and contacting folks, but we’ve still got open spots to fill:

Aubrey Janelle



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