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Pickathon’s DJs Are Spinning Tunes All Festival Long!
Sunday July 17, 2022

You’ve seen them next to the stages, tucked in behind the sound booths, headphones clasped to their heads… vinyl-spinning DJs at Pickathon have been providing music during stage breaks for the past couple years. But did you know that these DJs come from all over the US and are some of the best vinyl tastemakers around?

This year, we’re stepping up the DJ program even more, integrating them into our Neighborhoods where they’ll spin daytime grooves under the trees and nighttime parties in the meadows and orchards. Greg Vandy of KEXP started the DJ program back in 2014 with the original goal to “bring in record-collectors and record-playing DJs with eclectic tastes to create a genuine vibe throughout the farm.

My thinking was, everywhere you go, you’ll hear a good song, and that hasn’t changed. With our new Neighborhoods redesign, you’ll be able to roam and see/hear more of our unique DJs than ever.”

-DJ Greg Vandy

Curated by Greg Vandy and Rachel Good (DJ Stonebunny), this year’s lineup of Pickathon DJs come from all over and are planning DJ sets as eclectic as Pickathon’s programming. As Rachel says, “It feels incredible to bring DJs back to Pendarvis Farm. The Pickathon redesign gives us even more cool spaces for all-vinyl DJ sets all weekend long, whether it’s a midnight dance party in the Space Bar or a mellow brunch set of Brazilian tunes.”

Check out our 2022 Pickathon DJ Lineup:

Here are some folks to look out for spinning dance floor tunes at Pickathon!

-DJ Kevin Cole of KEXP – Kevin is KEXP’s Senior Programming Advisor & Host of the afternoon Drive Time show

-Wayward Girls Soul Club –  A collective from Portland, Oregon celebrating female-identifying DJs one 45 at a time. They each bring their own unique collections of rare Northern Soul, Motown, gritty R& B, funk, and Latin vinyl for your listening pleasure.

-DJ Rescue – Saving good parties from bad music since 2001. DJ Rescue, aka Zia McCabe of The Dandy Warhols, has been spinning diverse genres at varied events around the globe. From Bowie to Beastie Boys, Otis Redding to Os Mutantes, Patsy Cline to Peaches, Mama Cass to Missy Elliot she always knows exactly what to spin.

-BOOTS! – DJs Sarah Savannah and Maxwell Edison are co-creators of “BOOTS!”, Seattle’s ’60s dance party featuring go-go dancers and vinyl from the golden age or rock n’ roll.

-DJ Bobby D of XRAY – ​​A teacher by day, by night Bobby Smith is an archivist, producer, and DJ.

-DJ Riz – KEXP radio host and Seattle nightlife icon DJ Riz is, in some people’s words, “possibly the most versatile DJ the city has ever known.”

-DJ Greasy – Greasy is the original Pickathon DJ who has been spinning his deep collection on the Farm since the beginning in 2013.

Volunteer at Pickathon!

We’re still seeking volunteers for Pickathon 2022! Applications are open at the website. Volunteers help make Pickathon happen every year (we thank you!). We’re actively reviewing and contacting folks, but we’ve still got open spots to fill:

Cleaning Crew making the weekend happen.



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