Aug 1-4

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Wednesday August 17, 2022

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Each year we gather together for Pickathon, we strive to make it a captivating and unparalleled festival experience. This year came with a number of changes to the design, layout, and general festival experience.

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Pickathon 2022: A Weekend for the Ages

We saw some seriously mind-blowing music, enjoyed some of the best food and drink in the region, blew off steam dancing to wide-ranging DJ sets, and generally reveled in the company of our awesome Pickathon community. Thank you again for helping to make our grand return so special, indeed!

A demonstration of teamwork from our founder Zale and Director of Operations, Elwood – Photo by Tim LaBarge

The magic of this year’s Pickathon experience is hard to put into words, but our founder Zale summed it up as best as anyone could:

“Pickathon this year was euphoria on another level. I never danced so much in my whole life! I think that people needed Pickathon more than ever. And we needed it too! I could feel the elevated sense of a Pickathon high all the way to late night Sunday. I was splitting my time between 79rs Gang and Quantic and nobody wanted it to end. It would have gone on until dawn! We all felt that level of healing consciousness that comes from the sum of everything at Pickathon. This was the magic that we hoped would return and it did.”

A Day in the Life at Pickathon 2022…

Take it from our social media gurus on the ground this year at Pendarvis: it. was. incredible.

We soaked up the genius guitar work of Yasmin Williams, who between songs took time to talk to the crowd and explain her many methods of percussive guitar playing and her inspirations:

Photo by Sean Jewell

We rocked out with Frankie and the Witch Fingers who kicked up some serious dust with their high energy set on the Grove stage:

Photo by Sean Jewell

We ponied up to The Paddock stage for Cedric Burnside‘s golden hour set. Hill country blues at its finest! The stage was packed and the crowd was hanging on every note:

Photo by Sean Jewell

We delighted in the selection of SO MUCH good food, day and night! We really, quite literally, tried to eat it all:

Photo by Sean Jewell

Dramatic skies were everywhere, complimenting the glorious return of Pickathon, new architectural stages, and captivating artists like Cassandra Jenkins:

Photo by Sean Jewell

Secret Pickathon highlights always include kids busking on the quail trail as you hike to the woods stage. Isaac was entertaining us all on this day:

Photo by Sean Jewell

We danced the days and nights away with the help of crate-diggers like DJ Stonebunny, who led an all star crew of DJs from around the country in rave ups all over the farm!

Photo by Sean Jewell

And we relished in some fly-on-the-wall moments like this one, sitting in while Margo Cilker recorded a session at The Pumphouse. Can’t wait for this year’s Pickathon video series!

Photo by Sean Jewell

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