New Pickathon Cups are Here and they’re GORGEOUS!
Wednesday June 14, 2023

Wow, just got some pictures in of the new Pickathon Reusable Cups this year and they are GORGEOUS!! Even more beautiful than prior years drinkware, and big thanks to our new friends at Earthwell for creating and developing these premium laser engraved steel cups. Well, actually our old friends! Earthwell co-founder Scott Rolfson has been attending Pickathon for 14+ years! Back in the day, he helped to develop Pickathon’s unique, pioneering, zero waste initiative to replace all single use drink containers with reusable stainless steel pint cups. Pickathon Cups proved wildly popular, and our initiative to radically reduce waste at the festival was adopted by a ton of other festivals. Now through Scott’s Portland-based company, Earthwell, he’s come back full circle to create these very special powder coated Pickathon Reusable Cups for us! “Water and premium reusable packaging for beverages is kinda sorta our jam,” he told us. “We are passionate about drinkware and Pickathon, and these camp cups are second to none.”

If you haven’t been to Pickathon before, how it works is that we don’t have any single-use drink containers at the festival (i.e. plastic cups); everything needs to be reusable. You can bring your own reusable cups if you want, but we make it easy by providing these awesome stainless steel Pickathon reusable pint cups for purchase. You can drink water, coffee, alcohol, spirits, lemonade, anything you want out of the cups and we have free water stations to wash them out between uses. When you leave Pickathon, you can bring home an awesome souvenir as well. These cups are great for use around the house or camping or on the road! These “plastic killers” are our secret weapon taking out single use containers in our war against waste! It’s why Pickathon is the Most Green Music Festival Around!

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