Commitment to Sustainability
Photo by John Armstrong
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Commitment to Sustainability

Pickathon has been recognized around the world as a leader in sustainable practices for music festivals.

We want to give special thanks to Star Oilco for the sustainable fuels they provide the festival.

Sustainable Fuels Provided Star Oilco

Our fuel partner Star Oilco provides Pickathon with REG’s Ultra Clean Diesel which is a 100% renewable and sustainable fuel source that lowers CO2 value of the diesel fuel we utilize. Pickathon supports Oregon’s laws about Clean Fuels and we are doing our part in assisting Oregon in it’s goals to reduce all emissions.

REG’s Ultra Clean Diesel is a 100% renewable fuel. A mix of Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel. The fuel has a 10% reduction in NOx emissions, 40% reduction in hydrocarbons, and over a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions.  Furthermore the gasoline contains 10% ethanol and is made in Oregon at a sustainable and net energy positive ethanol plant that produces more energy than it consumes which also reduces the CO2 footprint of the festival.

For more information on Star Oilco’s Low C02 Fuels go here:

Eliminating Single-use Cups, Bottles, Dishes, and Utensils

Pickathon is the only outdoor music festival in the United States to minimize ALL single-use, cups, dishware, and utensils.


Since 2010, we have been committed to eliminating all plastic beverage containers. We’ve successfully replaced throw-away cups in our beer gardens with stainless steel cups made by our good partners at Klean Kanteen. Since 2011, we have been committed to eliminating all plastic food dishes & utensils, which we have successfully replaced with reusable bamboo based dishes + utensils.

Free Water

Ample free drinking water is available throughout Pendarvis Farm. Just bring your bottles and refill whenever needed.

Recycling & Compost

Pickathon’s recycling and compost team is made up of volunteers who spend most of the festival rounding up everything that can be either recycled or composted.

Solar Energy

Pendarvis Farm hosts a permanent solar array on the roof of the Galaxy Barn. The energy generated during the year offsets 100% of the energy used during the festival in the Galaxy Barn plus 100% of the electricity used by the food and craft vendors.

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