Aug 1-4

Sneak Peak at the Woods!
Monday July 24, 2023

The Woods Stage is perhaps the most iconic part of Pickathon! A forested bower tucked deep in the woods of Pendarvis Farm, every year we begin the process of weaving trees and branches together to make an incredible backdrop for this stage. We’re just starting out this year and can’t wait to show you what we’re building. Check out the pic above to see the “Before” picture of what the Woods looks like without the iconic interwoven stage backdrop built up yet. And below is the concept drawing of the plan for this year!

Headed up by Mark Lakeman at Communitecture and the Pickathon Branch Crew Team, here’s Mark’s plan for the Woods Stage this year!

Pickathon is without a doubt the most lovingly designed, collaborative, and curated festival experience I have ever had the pleasure to participate within. The core team invites design rock stars from across our region’s creative culture to come walk the site, envision together, and then jam out inspiring environments that nestle into the forest and provide setting after setting for an outstanding good time. Each design is a site-specific response while also expressing the uniqueness of each design team at work on the site.

At the Woods Stage, our goal is to provide a setting for the performers that brings out their best, most amazing energy. We always aim to open the hearts of the audience to the message from the stage, to receive and elate, to share and express appreciation, and ultimately to help every single person at Pickathon feel a deepest sense of connection with the place, each other, and nature as a whole.”

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