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Secret Pickathon Stages Guide!
Monday July 24, 2023

If you’ve already purchased your pass to Pickathon, consider upgrading to the Pickathon Patron Pass! This pass to the festival provides unparalleled behind-the-scenes, full-on VIP access to Pickathon and helps keep the festival sustainable. It’s almost sold out, and so get it now if you’re interested!

Did you know that Pickathon has an entire SECOND festival that’s not open to the public? Every band at Pickathon plays additional sets on secret video session stages. You’ve seen these videos when we release them the following year:  Pumphouse is an acoustic little room, The Edge showcases dynamic larger performances in a cozy outdoor living room, Slab plays host to post-apocalyptic thrashing, and On the Farm is a world away from Pendarvis, allowing for experimentation. None of these venues are open to the public, but all weekend long they’re full of amazing, one-of-a-kind performances and great backstage hangs. With the Patron Pass, you’ll get access to these extra venues and access backstage at the public venues!

You’ll also get a dedicated Patron Concierge to help you with all your needs at the festival, and you’ll also get Free Food and Drink backstage! We have an amazing team crafting farm-to-table meals for backstage artists and staff and you’ll be able to get in on this. Plus you’ll have a chance to get On-Site Parking, so you’ll pull up to the front of the festival and get the Pickathon Artist treatment!

It’s a truly unique way to experience Pickathon from the inside, and you’ll see performances hardly anyone else has access to, and we’ll roll out the red carpet for you! If you want to upgrade from your current Pass to a Patron Pass, please email! If you haven’t bought tickets yet, follow the link below to get a Pickathon Patron Pass and see Pickathon in a whole new light!

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