Aug 1-4

Last Day of Pickathon!!
Saturday August 5, 2023

THIS IS IT FOLKS, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF PICKATHON! We’ve packed it so incredibly full of amazing experiences, that it’ll fly by like a whirlwind, but you’ll never forget this one! DAY PASSES are still available, so if you’ve been missing out, come down to Pendarvis Farm to party!

Yesterday was one for the books! Hip-hop duo They Hate Change exploded the crowd at the Galaxy Barn, Vieux Farka Touré melted everyone’s faces in the front row of Woods Stage with his Malian guitar shredding, Madison Cunningham’s sweet serenades on the Paddock were a lovely late night sway-fest, and Gel’s epic hardcore set at the Galaxy Barn was unforgettable. Plus Comedy at the Lucky Barn was surprising and hilarious, there were some really powerful and moving moments during Interviews with artists there too during the day, and how cool is it to look over and see folks just reading, relaxing, and recuperating in the Refuge? Oh the DJ Parties are a huge hit this year; it’s so cool to see folks just dancing to the best vinyl grooves!

What’s up for today? We could tell you what we’re looking forward to, but it’s best you discover it for yourself! You have to Earn Your Pickathon. Because even though we’ve transformed the wilds of Portland’s Pacific Northwest meadows and forests into a finely tuned music festival built to make your time as smooth and enjoyable as possible, the memories you make come from the experiences you have here. Say hi to a stranger, hike a little further than you might want to, check out a band you’ve never heard of, try a new food, sip a different type of beer, ask somebody what they’re enjoying at the festival, explore a part of Pickathon you’ve never seen. The amazing moments come from when you’re transported beyond what you already know to find a new world of creativity, music, culture, and love.

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