Aug 1-4

Aurora Elixirs / Lolo Hops
Aurora Elixirs / Lolo Hops

Aurora Elixirs and Lolo Hops are superior, sparkling, whole plant-infused beverages made in small batches in Portland, Oregon. The brands are female founded, owned, and operated by a beverage industry veteran, using local ingredients for inspired infusions that are sophisticated, satisfying, and alcohol-free.

Born alongside the legalization of recreational cannabis in Oregon in 2016, Aurora Elixirs was conceived as an alternative way to partake in today’s drinking culture. After decades in the wine & spirits industry, our Founder identified an opportunity in the market to create sophisticated, non-alcoholic, aperitif-inspired bottled beverages that deliver the added benefits of quality sourced whole plant ingredients. Today, we sell our original hemp-infused product line (Aurora Elixirs) and popular hops-infused line (Lolo Hops).

Lolo Hops and Aurora Elixirs are non-alcoholic beverages that deliver more flavor and function than the average sparkling water. Our recipes begin with a proprietary blend of whole-plant hemp and hops extracts sustainably grown in the Pacific Northwest. Our botanically inspired drinks are crafted to enhance the aroma, taste, and efficacy of the source ingredients. All natural ingredients and modern alchemy result in bright and balanced refreshers that relax, restore, and renew. Inspired flavor combinations are versatile and satisfying while low in calories and sugar. Our current offerings include four unique hemp-infused flavors and three hops-infused varieties. Each of our original blends creatively reinforces the natural herbal, floral, and citrus characteristics of the hemp and hops. | Instagram

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