Aug 1-4

Orchestra Gold
Orchestra Gold

“Behind Oakland CA-based ensemble Orchestra GOLD’s
original sound is a decade-long story of knowledge,
respect, and collaboration between Mariam Diakite of Mali
and Erich Huffaker of Oakland. Blending the traditions of
Mali and American Rock/Funk with a retro feel, OG
represents a world of powerful cross-cultural experience.
The group transcends borders and boundaries to be a
force of healing within the community. OG offers a
kaleidoscope of magical sound deeply rooted in the past
while boldly blazing towards the genre-bending future:
African Psychedelic Rock.

OG’s vibrant sound is spearheaded by the dynamic
Mariam Diakite, whose raw, hypnotic vocals deliver
heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics in the highly symbolic
Bambara language. While paying homage to Malian
musical traditions, this fierce new sound thrives with heavy
swinging rhythms, a funky fresh brass section, and cosmic
guitar licks.”

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