Aug 1-4

Chefs Breneman & Boisse of Astral PDX
Chefs Breneman & Boisse of Astral PDX

Ditch the ordinary brunch and embark on a vibrant culinary and musical adventure at Pickathon’s exclusive Curation Saturday Brunch. This intimate gathering, limited to just 100 guests, promises an unforgettable experience that will tantalize your taste buds and uplift your spirit.

Award-Winning Chefs Craft a Culinary Journey:

Fresh off their Best Chef Residency or Pop-Up category of Eater Portland’s annual Eater Awards win, Lauren Breneman and John Boisse, the culinary power couple behind Astral PDX, are ready to take center stage. Get ready for a specially curated multi-course feast unlike any brunch you’ve ever experienced. Imagine a delightful progression of sweet and savory dishes, showcasing Astral’s playful and flavorful interpretations of classic brunch fare. Expect unexpected flavor combinations and vibrant presentations that will tantalize your taste buds from the opening bites to the satisfying main course.

Expertly Paired Beverages to Elevate Every Bite:

This isn’t just a meal; it’s a complete sensory journey. Pickathon’s beverage team meticulously curates a selection of drinks specifically designed to complement Astral’s vibrant cuisine. Imagine refreshing cocktails bursting with unique flavors, or thoughtfully chosen wines that enhance the depth of each dish. With every sip and bite, discover a harmonious symphony of flavor that will leave you wanting more. And for those seeking non-alcoholic options, fear not! Pickathon offers a selection of flavorful options to ensure a truly inclusive and delightful experience for all.

Set the Mood with Wayward Girls Soul Club:

Get ready to groove! Portland’s premiere all-female DJ collective, Wayward Girls Soul Club, sets the stage for this culinary and musical fiesta. Their vibrant selection of soul, funk, r&b, and global percussion will perfectly complement the flavors of Astral’s creations. Each song choice feels like a burst of sunshine, adding another layer of cultural richness and energy to this unique brunch experience.

Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of Billie Marten:

As you savor the masterful flavors crafted by Astral, prepare to be captivated by the enchanting soundscapes of Billie Marten. Hailing from the UK, her captivating voice and introspective lyrics will create a perfectly intimate atmosphere. Imagine the gentle strumming of her guitar weaving through the air as you sip your expertly paired beverage. Billie’s music, exploring themes of nature, mental health, and the complexities of modern life, will resonate with your soul and add another layer of depth to this unforgettable Saturday brunch experience.

Limited Seating & Intimate Atmosphere:

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive culinary and musical adventure! With only 100 spots available, Pickathon’s Curation Saturday Brunch fosters a sense of community and exclusivity. Imagine basking in the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees as the aroma of freshly prepared dishes mingles with the captivating melodies of Billie Marten. This intimate setting allows you to fully connect with the artistry on the plate and the music that fills the air.

Secure your spot at Pickathon’s Curation Saturday Brunch today! Space is strictly limited to 100 guests.

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