Aug 1-4

Chef Rodney Muirhead of Podnah’s Pit
Chef Rodney Muirhead of Podnah’s Pit

Indulge in an intimate and unforgettable experience at Pickathon’s Curation Sunday Brunch. This exclusive event pairs the legendary central Texas–style smoked meats of Chef Rodney Muirhead, the founder of Podnah’s Pit (crowned the best barbecue in Oregon by the Food Network), with the electrifying energy of the eight-piece New Orleans brass band, The Soul Rebels.

A Multi-Course Celebration of Slow-Cooked Perfection:

  • Chef Rodney Muirhead, a true pitmaster with over 18 years of experience, brings the magic of Podnah’s Pit to Pickathon. Established in 2006, Podnah’s is a Portland institution renowned for its commitment to slow-cooked, central Texas–style barbecue. They’ve been recognized by the Food Network for a reason – their dedication to the craft is unparalleled.
  • Imagine a multi-course exploration of Chef Muirhead’s culinary artistry. Savor the smoky symphony of flavors as you embark on a journey of succulent meats cooked to perfection, complemented by creative side dishes and delightful surprises. Each bite will be a testament to Podnah’s dedication to slow cooking and the use of time-honored traditions.

Curated Drinks to Elevate the Experience:

This isn’t just about the food; it’s a complete sensory experience. Expertly paired beverages will be offered throughout the brunch, designed to complement the smoky flavors of the barbecue and elevate your culinary journey.

An Exclusive Gathering Under the Forest Canopy:

Limited to only 100 guests, this intimate gathering fosters a sense of community and allows for a truly special experience. Imagine basking in the dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy as the aroma of slow-cooked meats mingles with the vibrant sounds of The Soul Rebels.

A Soulful Brass Extravaganza with The Soul Rebels:

As you relish the smoky symphony on your plate, prepare to be swept away by the infectious energy of The Soul Rebels. This dynamic New Orleans ensemble transcends the boundaries of traditional brass bands, weaving elements of soul, jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock, and pop into their electrifying performances.

Imagine the forest canopy coming alive with the powerful sounds of horns and drums, creating a deep pocket funk party atmosphere. The Soul Rebels’ explosive stage presence and eclectic repertoire, featuring collaborations with artists like Nas, G-Eazy, and Lauryn Hill, guarantee an unforgettable experience that will have you dancing in your seat.

A Perfect Pairing:

This isn’t just a brunch; it’s a celebration of flavor and rhythm. DJs Maaxa & Serene, known for their impeccable curation, take control of the vinyl selection, spinning a soundtrack that seamlessly blends with the smoky magic of Podnah’s Pit and the soulful energy of The Soul Rebels. Each song choice will feel like a perfectly placed spice rub, adding another layer of excitement to this unique Sunday brunch experience.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exquisite and intimate culinary and musical adventure! Secure your spot at Pickathon’s Curation Sunday Brunch today. Space is strictly limited to 100 guests.


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