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Triple Rainbow
Triple Rainbow

Through the 15 songs on their debut album You Are Magic, the trio of July Mees (11), Piper Mees (5) and their dad Jared Mees explore both the silly and sensitive sides of childhood through lighthearted, upbeat and layered songs. Initially conceived during the long months of Covid as a recording and crafting project, the project has blossomed into a record, a live show and dozens of colorful music videos.

Triple Rainbow (named after the inspired quote by Paul Vasquez) has an unique musical heritage and history. Jared, along with his wife Brianne, is the co-founder of Tender Loving Empire and the frontman of Jared Mees & The Grown Children. “It’s just a lot of fun to play music with my family…The family band has always been a dream. ”

As you can see from their music videos, Triple Rainbow’s flourescent stage show is not to be missed. Complete with light-up homemade cardboard guitars, keytar, bass, drums, amps, and computer, they often invite kids on stage to party with them. You never know when you’ll get a guest appearance from Slime Monster or Bad Kitty!

Lyrically, You Are Magic explores both the layered world of a child’s heart and imagination, combining clever rhyming lyrics, storytelling and lots of descriptive concrete imagery. Sonically, Triple Rainbow keeps one foot planted in acoustic folk and the other in driving pop-rock. “We really wanted to make an album the whole family could enjoy, one that was fun and catchy but also looked a bit deeper into into issues that modern kids face”

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