Aug 2-5

Photo by Liz Devine
No, not yet…

Given the fact that we are still looking at the 2008 website, and that no newsletters have gone out thus far to alert folks of the lineup and ticket specials.. I would like to offer out a few ideas for entertainment in an around Portland, OR…while we wait. We are seeming to be pretty close […]

2009 it is..

As we continue to muddle our way through the onslaught of “Best of 2008” lists it is now explicitly clear – 2008 will be a hard act to follow. For many, said lists are a way to confirm their importance in the greater music community, their big chance to voice a difference of opinion (or […]

Did we say Dec. 3?….

Howdy Folks! Well, as we officially head into the first weekend of December, we must now re-align our Tickets and Launch dates for 2009. As it stands now, we are still waiting on a couple elements that we would very much like to firm up prior to any announcements and ticket sales. Right now we […]

2007 Pickathon CD now up on itunes, CD Baby……

Well, we worked through the ether and got yet another fantastic Pickathon compilation up for Digital and CD sales. This was our first year as a double CD (as we have mentioned before), so it’s super special to us…and hopefully to you too. What you can do is click over to our Merch Page and […]

Who Stopped the Music?

Uncertain why, but ALL of our artist playlists have vanished from the website this past week… While we scratch our heads and get things back up and running, we thought all should know – that we know, and things should be back up any day now. As all the retooling takes place for our 2009 […]

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