Aug 2-5

Photo by Liz Devine
Mt. Hood Series: Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson delivered equally memorable sets at the Mt. Hood and Woods stages last August. The ethereal orbs in their set design certainly helped, but were merely a finishing touch to the atmosphere the band creates with soaring vocals and deeply layered songs. This video specifically plays off the dreamy, trance-like mood of their song, […]

Luna Series: Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman brings a stripped-down version of “Wild Feeling” to this episode of the Luna Series. The Luna Series is filmed in a barn by the light of the moon in the late hours of a mid-summer eve. This Luna Session was filmed by Thom Lyons at the beautiful Pendarvis Farm on August 7, 2016. […]

Interview Series: Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down has put in her fair share of time and energy working from the ground up. Her career is a shining example of focus, hard work, and a bit of good fortune. She maintains a similarly delicate balance in her music. Her songs can have a […]

Spoken Series: Shayla Lawson

Shayla Lawson’s poem,¬†Strawberry Swing, is the feature for the Spoken Series this month. Shayla’s website describes her as, “Author, designer, and generally creative person.” After reading and listening to her poetry, it is clear that she very likely inhabits much more than just those enormous, expansive worlds. From Strawberry Swing: we play / we only […]

Ingredients Series: Podnah’s Pit

The 2016 vintage of Pickathon involved many “firsts” even though it was our 18th year in existence. The Ingredients Series was one of those firsts- a creative profile of some of the chefs and restaurants that nourish our bodies with delicious eats. In this month’s episode of the Ingredients Series, we meet Rodney Muirhead with […]

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