Aug 3-6

Pickathon 2023 will Power Stages with Hydrogen Generator!
We’re so excited to announce that, in partnership with Toyota Racing Development, we’re bringing a HYDROGEN GENERATOR to Pickathon! This will be the first time a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator is used to power festival stages! Based on Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology developed for the Toyota Mirai road car, this one-of-a-kind generator will make its […]
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One of the longest standing traditions here at Pickathon, the Fabulous Friday Night Squaredance! Really the anchor for Friday night, and in the first few years it was the only show that Friday had to offer. Being that Portland was in the running for the “old-time revival” capital of the world we felt it suiting […]

We will miss you Chris Gaffney.

We are saddened this day as the news has began to surface about the tragic loss of Hacienda Brothers lead soulman Chris Gaffney. Although nothing official has been released, we are to the understanding that yesterday morning Chris lost his battle with liver cancer, and as you might remember we posted just a short month […]

This weeks roundup.

Once again finding myself sorting through another week. Last time around, which was over a week ago there was an attempt at some sort of consistency, a visual rhythm for all who check up on us from day to day. Well, one week and one day later I find yet another attempt at this daily […]

Monday, Monday.

Like a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning hours, a nice cup of joe to help gather oneself in the wake of another working week. I love Mondays, and hoping with a bit of consistency – you can too. We have a big week ahead, mostly revolving around the upcoming Avett Brothers show […]

Lineup update.

We are still adding artists as the schedule continues to unfold, anticipating that in late-May we will have both the final schedule and Day Tickets available. For this installment we are pleased to introduce two Pickathon first-timers. From Shawnee, OK – Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers. We will see Samantha and band just after […]

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