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Pickathon Isn’t Just Stages – It’s an Immersive Wonderland
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Pickathon Isn’t Just Stages – It’s an Immersive Wonderland
2024 Audience Map
Pictured above: 2024 Pickathon Neighborhood Map! Click to download.

Unforgettable Adventures Await: A Glimpse into Pickathon’s 2024 Neighborhoods

Shhh! We’re about to unveil a hidden gem unlike any other festival you’ve ever experienced. Forget the crowded fields and generic stages – Pickathon 2024 is a portal to a world of wonder.

Imagine yourself swaying to music beneath a canopy of trees, surrounded by vibrant communities built around artistic expression. Nestled in the heart of Pendarvis Farm, Pickathon transforms into a wonderland of interactive Neighborhoods, each meticulously crafted by visionary artists. These aren’t just stages; they’re immersive experiences that seamlessly blend music, art, and nature into an unforgettable adventure.

Curious to discover what awaits you at Pickathon 2024? Throughout June, we’ll be pulling back the curtain on the design concepts and teams behind this year’s mind-blowing Neighborhoods. Scroll down to get a sneak peek at the artistic magic that will leave you obsessed!

But Pickathon isn’t just about the music (although that’s pretty incredible too). Dive into the best of local food and drink, explore wellness workshops, or bring the whole family for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Delve into the vibrant DJ scene, get lost in literary readings and podcasts, and connect with a diverse and welcoming community.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this secret festival paradise! Tickets to Pickathon 2024 are selling fast. Secure yours today and explore the unforgettable Neighborhoods yourself.



Woods Neighborhood

Photo by Melissa Dismuk
Photo by Melissa Dismuk

The Woods Neighborhood is one of the most iconic at Pickathon, tucked at the base of a natural wooded amphitheater. Every year, we begin by weaving together trees and branches to make a new incredible stage backdrop. Amenities here include food and beverages and free water.

Pickathon 2024 Woods Neighborhood Design Concept

Deep in Pickathon’s heart, where sunlight surrenders to whispering leaves, lies the 2024 Pickathon Woods Neighborhood.

Imagine a symphony of branches woven from the forest floor itself. Fallen limbs, winter’s discarded treasures, rise in breathtaking forms. Here, Forest Baskets cradle intimate gatherings, while Running Fences beckon you deeper into this mystical realm. Healing Spaces soothe weary souls, and mystical Portals hint at unseen wonders. Tunnels wind through the undergrowth, leading to the crown jewel – the legendary Woods Stage, nestled in a natural amphitheater.

This is not mere construction; it’s a joy-fueled creation. The Branch Crew Team Squad, under the visionary leadership of Mark Lakeman and coordination of Samantha Rayvin, breathes life into fallen branches. Laughter permeates the air as they stretch, share tales, and harmonize with the music. They don’t just listen to the wind but to the soul of each branch, coaxing out its hidden potential. Every curve, every knot, becomes a testament to nature’s resilience and the transformative power of collaboration.

The woods of Pickathon are not just a scenic backdrop, they are an immersive experience. Here, the magic is in the very air you breathe. Let the branches be your guide. Join us in something extraordinary.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Woods Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Cherry Hill Neighborhood

Experiential Music Festival - Cherry Hill Neighborhood
Photo by Mark Stein

Each year at Pickathon we invite students at Portland State University’s School of Architecture design program to create a venue made from reusable, sustainable materials for Cherry Hill Neighborhood. This used to be the Treeline Stage, so you’ll remember all their incredible designs over the years. In 2023, they were back with a brand-new Cherry Hill design that had an incredible post-Pickathon life on Portland State University’s Oak Savanna restoration site.

Pickathon 2024 Cherry Hill Neighborhood Design Concept

This year’s Cherry Hill Neighborhood design meditates on this concept of possibility by creating an installation that is never just one thing. The stage backdrop becomes a covered passageway, the passageway becomes a connection point, the connection point becomes a sitting area, and so on. Gates are symbolic thresholds, often found in landscapes as the entrance to some space, be it a garden, yard, religious site, or otherwise. This installation draws on those cultural meanings through a repeated gate as its logic.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Cherry Hill Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Grove Neighborhood

Pickathon 2023_Photo by Erin Riddle of @KLiKConcepts Experiential Music Festival Grove Neighborhood
Photo by Erin Riddle

Tucked into a grove of tall Doug Firs near the Paddock Stage, The Grove Neighborhood is your centrally located all-day dance party Neighborhood! With DJs spinning late at night at the Grove’s DJs, specialty cocktails at all hours, and a daytime stage that comes alive with raging performances, the Grove Neighborhood‘s central location and dance-heavy programming make it one of the most fun Neighborhoods at the festival!

Pickathon 2024 Grove Neighborhood Design Concept

Grove Preview - the gate

This year, to enter the Grove Neighborhood, people will have to meet the guards, inspired by the grove’s invisible inhabitants. Meet the mantra, frog, and stick insects. Now it’s your turn to feel small! They are here to make you feel the power of the forest, but don’t worry, they’re friendly.

As a reference to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” the environment will be full of giant flowers, leaves, and grass. This gives people the feeling of entering a giant world. Stay focused and concentrated, because some of the spirits could be very well hidden. Upon arriving at the stage, join the king of the grove, ready to turn on the forest.

These Spirits also have a special message. They remind us that all living beings in nature, no matter how small or how big, are part of it and responsible for protecting it.”

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Grove Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Paddock Neighborhood

Paddock Neighborhood
Photo by Rob Kerr

Situated in Pendarvis Farm’s main meadow, The Paddock Neighborhood is one of the main gathering spots when the sun goes down. As the stars start to come out, this stage is awash with folks on blankets in the back watching the best festival performances and others dancing in front of the stage. With mysterious visual art installations looming in the meadows, and the horses of Pendarvis looking on from their paddock (hence the name), Paddock is your ultimate late-night cooldown spot.

Pickathon 2024 Paddock Neighborhood Design Concept

Hoffman Construction Company in design collaboration with ZGF Architects, presents “Antlers & Sunset”, the backdrop for this year’s main stage in the Paddock Neighborhood. Here, louvered pillars come together to formulate a half-sun as it reflects the imprint of antlers –branched horns, a symbol of growth and renewal. It recalls our cycles and is a celebration and nod to the continuing seasons of the Pickathon Music Festival. The structure is composed of dimensional lumber all generously donated by Hampton Lumber.

The volunteer build team consists of members from Hoffman Construction, Precision Construction, Hoffman Specialty Contractors (HSC), Interior Exterior Specialists (IES) and Pickathon volunteers.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Paddock Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Galaxy Barn Neighborhood

Photo by Thomas Boyd

Though the Galaxy Barn is best known for its late-night ragers, with folks stage diving across an ultra-packed room, it’s actually one of Pickathon’s best-kept secrets during the day. This is one of only two air-conditioned stages (Lucky Barn is the other one!). So come here to cool off and catch some early sets in an old-school indoor punk venue (sometimes it’s more of a honky-tonk roadhouse vibe), or come back late at night and squeeze your way to the front amidst showers of sweat and super powerful guitar riffs. If you can’t make it inside, sets are usually broadcast to screens just outside the venue where you can relax on straw bales or around campfires to catch the action.

Pickathon 2024 Galaxy Barn Design Concept

“The textures and patterns created by technology and nature overlap in the Galaxy Barn venue this year. From behind the stage, where a backdrop of lines and angles is carved into a smooth amorphous texture, the artists will be complemented by warm wood tones.

The play of light and shapes will accentuate the warm natural state of the inside of the venue. Stepping out along the main trail between the Orchard and the Galaxy where the mechanical cooling apparatus is placed, a shroud of interactive technology will entice the passerby to play and enjoy. Eyes and ears will be watching and projecting an altered view of the people, places, and things happening live all around them.

Turning the corner, a gigantic LED panel wall provided by Planar will share the Pickathon live feeds of what’s happening inside the Galaxy Barn as well as the Lucky Barn and an occasional abstract viewing experience to tie it all together. Case of Bass, Green Century Electronics Recycling, and Five Ohm join forces to bring this vision to reality. Wish us luck.” – Dave Muller, Sustainability Director

DESIGNERS: Ezra Cimino-Hurt (Case of Bass) and Chris Regis (Green Century Recycling)

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Galaxy Barn 2024 at Pickathon!

Lucky Neighborhood

Lucky Barn Neighborhood
Photo by Nehemiah Sliwoski

Pickathon’s other indoor, air-conditioned venue, the Lucky Barn is much smaller but hosts some amazing Pickathon moments. Most of its programming during the day focuses on interviews, held with festival bands before a live audience. Great journalists talk to each band about their influences, the ideas behind their music, and the stories that drive them. In the evening, you can find Comedy and Yoga at the Lucky Barn, and yoga in the early morning too!

Pickathon 2024 Lucky Barn Neighborhood Design Concept:

Lucky Neighborhood

The Lucky Barn, one of Pickathon’s indoor, air-conditioned venues, will host performances all through Friday through Sunday! Deep Deep Stretch Yoga, Flow Yoga and Power Flow Yoga classes will be held here in the mornings, so get your groove on before you get your groove on in the Lucky Neighborhood.

Plus, this year we will have fabric elements in the Lucky neighborhood behind Lucky Barn and over the walkway up to Paddock to create a shaded environment for festival goers.

We asked the Lucky Barn Neighborhood team what they have up their sleeve for August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said:

Sky, a member of the GuildWorks Sky Crew, has been attending and hanging fabric all over Pendarvis Farm since 2012. Pickathon and Lucky (the horse) have a special place in Sky’s heart. This year he is leading the fabric at the Lucky neighborhood. Expect an amazing and colorful shade canopy above, casting cooling shadows and “ground” fabrics to add interest reaching to the skies and leading people to and from the paddock field.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Lucky Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon! 

Windmill Neighborhood

Photo by Norm Eder

The Windmill Neighborhood is tucked into the woods above the Paddock Neighborhood right next to an actual old metal windmill. It’s a great daytime spot for festival performances, shaded nicely from the heat of the sun. On Sunday, it also plays host to some of Pickathon’s Literary offerings, featuring author readings. At night, you can relax and watch a simulcast of the nearby Paddock Stage.

Pickathon 2024 Windmill Neighborhood Design Concept

This year’s Windmill Neighborhood design revolves around installations of interactive and experiential elements that utilize lightweight fabrics, theatrical lighting, bamboo, and reclaimed materials that make visible the force and elegant shapes of WIND in its many forms. 

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Windmill Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Refuge Neighborhood

Photo by Heather Binns

A quiet, relaxing home to Pickathon’s many Wellness offerings, the Refuge is the spot to go to when you need to escape from the sounds and sights of Pickathon! A home in the forest where folks can decompress, get a massage, listen to sound therapy, and just take a moment away from the festival to re-center themselves. At the Refuge, step into a calming area with florals and aromatic plants and take part in the hands-on making with several botanical weaving walls throughout the space. The popular wishing wall will return, where you can set an intention or notes of goodwill to the universe. There will also be reading nooks with canopies, a rustic lending library, and a performance stage.

Pickathon 2024 Refuge Neighborhood Design Concept

Nestled in a magical tree grove, The Refuge is Pickathon’s wellness-focused neighborhood. Enjoy refreshing showers, a new sauna space, cold plunge tanks, sound baths, massages, and somatic movement classes. Experience peace and connection with nature as we embrace the theme of 1000 cranes for peace, prosperity, and hope.

Designed by Libby Greenfield, Gabriel Brown, Nate Jones, Lindsay Love, Kaylee Mayeux, and architect Jackson Toole, The Refuge blends natural and architectural elements to create harmonious spaces.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Refuge Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Coyote Neighborhood

Photo by Erin Riddle

Pickathon is for the kids! Our family-focused Coyote Neighborhood is tucked in the woods above Cherry Hill and is a huge annual hit! Families and kids gather for exclusive performances, workshops, fun family activities, and even a day camp to teach kids wilderness tracking.

Pickathon 2024 Coyote Neighborhood Design Concept

Coyote Neighborhood

This summer, the Coyote Neighborhood will transform into an ocean adventureland. Led by our fearless mascot, Captain Coyote, kids will dive in deep with nautical-themed play structures, stage sets, and decorations.

They are creating sea serpent gateways, crows’ nest tree forts, a shipwreck stage, a lighthouse info booth, a coyote mascot costume and more. Families will participate in the fun through interactive craft projects, singalongs, and even a parade. Come sail the seas of music, art, and imagination in Coyote Cove! 

Our design/build experts are Jacob Wooton and Sebastian Slaven-Davis from Cedarwood Waldorf School, resident artists Faerin Millington and Jason Greene, and many helping hands. See more behind the scenes on Instagram at @pickathoncoyote!

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Coyote Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Galaxy Courtyard Neighborhood

Photo by Tobin Copeland

The Galaxy Courtyard is a great spot for late-night DJ dance parties and an excellent bar and meet-up space. Hang out on straw bale architecture and take your turn on the dance floor, enjoying the vinyl DJ sets from some of Pickathon’s best DJs!

Pickathon 2024 Galaxy Courtyard Design Concept

For 2024, the Galaxy Courtyard’s design explores the relationship between one’s own sense of wayfinding and their coalescence and celebration with others. As one of the first neighborhoods you experience at the festival, the site merges intentional moments of passage and pause. Our design intends to interconnect inhabitants inwardly and broadly towards the surrounding neighborhoods of Pendarvis Farm.

As both passage and pavilion, the Courtyard’s skeletal structure carves into the site, activating shared spaces for relaxation, refreshments, and dancing. Blurring the threshold between rest and movement, the site’s gathering areas are inspired by the pastures and horse stable of Pendarvis Farm. As the structure reflects the movement of inhabitants below, it also responds to the greater characteristics of the land; a summer afternoon breeze through the trees and pathways meandering through the neighboring forest.

DESIGNERS: Matt Thomas, Chris Cardoza, Bri Haber, Justin Tuttle

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Galaxy Courtyard Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Market Neighborhood

Photo by EJ Meeker

Right next to Cherry Hill Neighborhood, the Market Neighborhood is a great spot to pick some of Pickathon’s best food and drink selections! Not to mention a whole array of craft vendors with handmade offerings. We’ve scoured the Northwest for folks to sell their wares at the Market, and we even have a full-on farmer’s market to provide folks with fresh fruits and produce! Stroll the boardwalk at the Market and discover what Portland and the Northwest have to offer!

Pickathon 2024 Market Neighborhood Design Concept


The Market team is focused on creating a welcoming and vibrant bazaar atmosphere that invites you to linger, lounge, shop, dine, drink, and explore day-to-night interactive and engaging artwork, with modular lounge seating and picnic tables dotted throughout. Stop by the beer cart on your way to or from the artisan craft market. Double-helix wayfinding beacons, illuminated at night, will connect key spaces and help festival goers find their way to the next neighborhood or performance.

The gateway of the marketplace will elevate the transition between spaces, transporting festival goers from the shade of the Wood and Refuge into a bustling and energetic community area. With nods to both spaces, “tree” lights and market lanterns blend elements at the edge. The gateway will be well-trafficked at all times of day and night, prompting our design to respond to provide both shade in the day and an array of lighting elements at night.

Builder: Jason Reid, Designer Team: Jessie Vargo & Lukas Maurer

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Market Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Farmhouse Neighborhood


The Farmhouse Neighborhood is your introduction to Pickathon! It’s our front door! You’ll hop off the shuttle, or get dropped off right in front, and for anyone who arrived at the South Lot this is where you will get you tickets. This is your gateway to adventure!

Pickathon 2024 Farmhouse Neighborhood Design Concept:

The 2024 design team has truly outdone themselves, creating a space that blends rustic charm with modern convenience. Full team: Aaron Maples, Taylor Shanley, Audrey Rycewicz , Betty Lou Poston, Reif Larsen

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Farmhouse Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon! 

Curation Neighborhood

Photo by Rob Kerr

Located in a very special tucked-away spot of Pendarvis Farm, Curation brings together food, music, and creativity for a separately ticketed meal experience. These special meals pair some of the best chefs in Portland with festival artists, vinyl DJs, and mixologists. Curation explores a nexus of creativity when innovative minds come together to experiment! It’s a journey through art, culture, food, and love.

Pickathon 2024 Curation Design Concept

Curation Neighborhood

We asked the Curation Neighborhood team has in store for August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said…

Beyond providing a cool, welcome respite under a canopy of trees, Curation aims to bring a refined culinary experience right back to the farm table, thoughtfully paired with a local chef and musical artist(s). The Curation design crew is privileged to continue a collaboration with local farmer and designer (aka, wizard) of everything botanical, Jen Rich of Rich Earth Designs. From breathtaking tablescapes to bright and lively stage decor, Jen’s flower creations vie for center stage attention.

This year’s design team is scheming to tuck in a few more spaces fit for gathering (while enjoying a pre-meal cocktail?) that make you feel as cozy as your grandma’s porch, but where you get to pick the tunes and invite your friends. For those who choose a dinnertime experience, the gradual transformation into a warmly lit woodland dance floor will make leaving the hardest part of the evening.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Curation Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

Orchard Neighborhood

Photo by Tobin Copeland

The Orchard Neighborhood is a destination, thoroughfare, quiet retreat, or beacon of energy, depending on the time of day. As the first neighborhood you encounter, Orchard serves as a Gateway to the Pickathon Experience at Pendarvis Farm. Orchard’s existing expanse of space allows you to travel through the neighborhood mostly uninterrupted, in any direction.

Pickathon 2024 Orchard Design Concept

We asked the Orchard Neighborhood team has in store for August 1-4, 2024. Here’s what they said…

Every summer we are lured to the island of Pickathon. We can sometimes see it from afar, shimmering and glowing in the distant… inaccessible for a time. But now, your dreams start to take shape. In just a few weeks the farm will invite us all to shore. 

This year the Orchard welcomes you and sets a mood for the entire weekend. From dreams to reality, a path inspires a transition from our daily lives to a place of a new breeze, scent, and dance. The Orchard is a place to find ourselves momentarily as well as a place to lounge and experience the moods once of dream. Welcome.

Full team: Aaron Maples, Taylor Shanley, Audrey Rycewicz , Betty Lou Poston, Reif Larsen

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the Orchard Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon!

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