Aug 1-4

Festival Map & Pickathon Neighborhoods Guide!
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Festival Map & Pickathon Neighborhoods Guide!

Download the Pickathon Festival Map

The Pickathon 2023 Festival Map Guide will walk you through what is new and exciting on Pendarvis Farm this year.

For anyone that hasn’t been to Pickathon…

Pickathon’s venues are not your typical man-made stages placed in hot open fields or parking lots.

Instead, Pickathon’s venues are embedded in the scenic forests, meadows, and farm buildings of Pendarvis Farm.

Each unique natural setting becomes a festival Neighborhood where music, arts, and culture are fantastically integrated into the landscape and are utilized based on the time of day to keep people out of the sun.


Woods Neighborhood

The Woods Stage is perhaps the most iconic neighborhood at Pickathon, tucked at the base of a natural wooded amphitheater. Every year, we begin the process of weaving trees and branches together to make the new incredible stage backdrop. Amenities here include food, free water, and a variety of drinks.

Cherry Hill Neighborhood

Each year at Pickathon we invite students at Portland State University’s School of Architecture design program to create a venue made from reusable, sustainable materials. This used to be the Treeline Stage, so you’ll remember all the incredible designs they made over the years. In 2023, they’re back with a brand-new Cherry Hill design that will have an incredible post-Pickathon life. After Pickathon, the stage will have a second life on Portland State University’s Oak Savanna restoration site.

Grove Neighborhood

Tucked into a grove of tall Doug Firs near the Paddock Stage, The Grove Neighborhood is your centrally located all-day dance party Neighborhood! With DJs spinning late at night at the Grove’s DJs, specialty cocktails at all hours, and a daytime stage that comes alive with raging performances, the Grove Neighborhood‘s central location and dance-heavy programming make it one of the most fun Neighborhoods at the festival!

Paddock Neighborhood

Situated at the North end of Pendarvis Farm’s main meadow, The Paddock Neighborhood is one of the main gathering spots when the sun goes down. As the stars start to come out, this stage is awash with folks on blankets in the back watching the best festival performances and others dancing in front of the stage. With mysterious visual art installations looming in the meadows, and the horses of Pendarvis looking on from their paddock (hence the name), Paddock is your ultimate late-night cooldown spot.

Galaxy Barn Neighborhood

Though the Galaxy Barn is best known for its late-night ragers, with folks stage diving across an ultra-packed room, it’s actually one of Pickathon’s best-kept secrets during the day. This is one of only two air-conditioned stages (Lucky Barn is the other one!). So come here to cool off and catch some early sets in an old-school indoor punk venue (sometimes it’s more of a honky-tonk roadhouse vibe), or come back late at night and squeeze your way to the front amidst showers of sweat and super powerful guitar riffs. If you can’t make it inside, sets are usually broadcast to screens just outside the venue where you can relax on straw bales or around campfires to catch the action.

Lucky Barn Neighborhood

Pickathon’s other indoor, air-conditioned venue, the Lucky Barn is much smaller but hosts some amazing Pickathon moments. Most of its programming during the day focuses on interviews, held with festival bands before a live audience. Great journalists talk to each band about their influences, the ideas behind their music, and the stories that drive them. In the evening, you can find Comedy and Yoga at the Lucky Barn, and yoga in the early morning too!

Windmill Neighborhood

Tucked into the woods above the Paddock Neighborhood right next to an actual old metal windmill, The Windmill Neighborhood is a great daytime spot for festival performances, shaded nicely from the heat of the sun. On Sunday, it also plays host to some of Pickathon’s Literary offerings, featuring author readings. At night, you can relax and watch a simulcast of the nearby Paddock Stage.

Refuge Neighborhood

A quiet, relaxing home to Pickathon’s many Wellness offerings, the Refuge is the spot to go to when you need to escape from the sounds and sights of Pickathon! A home in the forest where folks can decompress, get a massage, listen to sound therapy, and just take a moment away from the festival to re-center themselves. At the Refuge, step into a calming area with florals and aromatic plants and take part in the hands-on making with several botanical weaving walls throughout the space. The popular wishing wall will return, where you can set an intention or notes of goodwill to the universe. There will also be reading nooks with canopies, a rustic lending library, and a performance stage.

Coyote Neighborhood

Pickathon is for the kids! We have so much programming for families, in fact, that we’ve almost booked an entire kids-first festival inside the grounds of Pickathon!  Last year, our family-focused Coyote Neighborhood, in the woods above Cherry Hill, was a huge hit so we’re bringing it back! Kids of all ages will gather in the Coyote Neighborhood for exclusive performances, workshops, fun family activities, and even a day camp to teach kids wilderness tracking.

Orchard Neighborhood

Just down the hill from the Galaxy Barn, The Orchard Neighborhood is a great spot for late-night DJ dance parties as well as an excellent bar and meet-up space. Hang out on straw bale architecture and you’ll be able to take your turn on the dance floor whenever you want, enjoying the vinyl DJ spinning of some of Pickathon’s best DJs!

Market Neighborhood

Right next to Cherry Hill Neighborhood, the Market Neighborhood is a great spot to pick some of Pickathon’s best food and drink selections! Not to mention a whole array of craft vendors with handmade offerings. We’ve scoured the Northwest for folks to sell their wares at the Market, and we even have a full-on farmer’s market to provide folks with fresh fruits and produce! Stroll the boardwalk at the Market and discover what Portland and the Northwest have to offer!

Farmhouse Neighborhood

Last but certainly not least, The Farmhouse Neighborhood is your introduction to Pickathon! It’s our front door! You’ll hop off the shuttle, or get dropped off right in front, and you’ll walk in the gates to Pickathon’s Big Rock Candy Mountain! This is your gateway to adventure!


Heather Binns

Located in a very special tucked-away spot of Pendarvis Farm, Curation brings together food, music, and creativity for a separately ticketed meal experience. These special meals pair some of the best chefs in Portland with festival artists, vinyl DJs, and mixologists. Curation explores a nexus of creativity when innovative minds come together to experiment! It’s a journey through art, culture, food, and love. Tickets are on sale now and are limited to 80 seats for each meal! 

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