Aug 1-4

Season 2 of the Pickathon Podcast is here
Season 2 of the Pickathon Podcast is here

I’m sure you all have the pod saved in your libraries (wink, wink) but just in case you don’t, here’s your reminder! Zale just dropped a new episode with one of our most exciting lineup inclusions, Vincent Neil Emerson! This is the first episode of Season 2, featuring artists from the 2024 festival lineup. To […]

Early Bird Tickets SOLD OUT!

Bye bye Early Bird(ie)! The excitement for the festival is through the roof! We sold out of our full allotment of Early Bird tickets. Stay tuned for more info on our next ticket drop, expected later this month. (And don’t forget to check out our lineup playlists to keep the hype rolling!) Locals Night at […]

It’s Lineup Time!

We did it! We’ve worked so hard to put this lineup together and can’t wait to have you all on the farm to enjoy these incredible musicians with us. Check out some of these artists on our Pickathon playlists linked below and most importantly, if you haven’t already, GO GET YOUR TICKETS! You can also […]

The Hearing is Less Than a Week Away!

Well, we’ve reached the home stretch… Next Tuesday, at 6 pm sharp, we’ll have the big hearing at Happy Valley City Hall. That night, we should know whether or not Pickathon will be moving forward this summer. Many of you will be there alongside us, showing your support, and we are so grateful for that. […]

Help Us Across the Finish Line! – Permit Process Update

Happy Valentine’s from Pickathon! Our heart’s grew three sizes at the turnout for our grand opening weekend at Showdown Saloon, we hope you all had a great time… Our V-day gift this year? A little transparency on the permit process for the festival. You all have shown out on the letter-writing campaign, and things are […]

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