Aug 4-7

Young Jesus To Make Promising Debut At Pickathon
Young Jesus To Make Promising Debut At Pickathon

Young Jesus striking song “Deterritory” from their 2018 album The Whole Thing Is Just There was featured in the netflix orignal show O/A, season two. That’s cool, but what’s better is that no existing band fits so perfectly in a story about living free of cynicism, tapping alternate realities in a near-future ruled by philosophical […]

🚨SIX WEEKS AWAY! …and this one is all about TICKET ALERTS!🚨

WE’RE GETTING CLOSE…! 1. SIX WEEKS! -> You’ve heard it all before, but with each passing day the message tends to get a little louder… This Summer in Oregon, Pickathon is – THE HOT TICKET – and given we’re filling up on volunteers and will only have a few tickets left after that… don’t wait! 2. Weekend?!? -> Without […]

New at Pickathon this summer, sly humor & irresistible hooks from The Beths!

We see the Beths in your future. Aucklander Elizabeth Stokes has probably already written a soul-piercing, self-deprocating, sing-along about it. Her knack for delivering the stories of our lives in perfect pop-punk songs made their 2018 ten track LP Future Me Hates Me a cover to cover banger. The Beths accompany her witticisms with incredibly […]

Courtney Marie Andrews’ gorgeous songwriting returns to Pickathon

  Courtney Marie Andrews’ May Your Kindness Remain (2018) was a chill inducing, euphoric, soulful masterpiece. This year, on the anniversary of it’s release she released an EP with four acoustic songs from that album. Distilling the huge sound to just voice and guitar further highlighted the power of her voice, and her vision as […]

Jupiter & Okwess to debut their Congolese funk at Pickathon

Jupiter & Okwess is the body moving amalgamation of Congolese funk and American R&B. Jupiter Bokondji has been (re) uniting American and European music with Congolese rhythms since he was a youth in East Berlin, where he started his first band while his father was a diplomat attached to the embassy. Upon returning home to […]

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