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A sad farewell to Fabchannel.
Friday March 6, 2009

I just wish that the good things in life would go on and on forever.. why not? All that other garbage out there seems to chug along just fine. Well not the case this time around, and it is with a great deal of disappointment that I am here telling you that this is the LAST week Fabchannel will be up and running. If not familiar, you have definitely missed out. A site based out of the Netherlands (yes, in Europe), Fabchannel is a host of one of the greatest and most expansive collections of live concerts I have ever seen. I posted one a little while back from Vetiver, and fully intended to trickle the rest over the next couple months… From what I understand by way of their site is that we have entered the 7 day countdown for Fabchannel doomsday. Lets enjoy it while we can.
Given the short time-line of this countdown, I will post a new full concert every day until the site is taken down. Our very own Pickathon induced seven day funeral…after we mourn, we will see where to go from there.

Note on the video: Due to the high volume of traffic on the site because of the latest news…sometimes the videos will have a hard time loading, please be patient, and keep trying. It’s well worth the wait.

Number One – Hackensaw Boys – April 24, 2007 live at Paradiso.

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