Aug 1-4  OR

Coffee is important at Pickathon
Monday August 2, 2010

An age old story, lines for coffee at 8:00 in the morning with headaches on the horizon and frustration building… Well folks, we’re happy to report that this should be a thing of the past with what we have in store for the caffeine need that consumes most all of us as part of our daily routine.

Spunkey Monkey Coffee is up for the challenge and bringing in the new/old technology with key utilization of propane for big batches fast. The lines should move fast with 10x more coffee being produced at any given moment and organic drip coffee ($1 a fill up to 16oz. if you bring your own cup) and specialty drinks available starting at 6:00am.

Coffee issues at Pickathon no more.

Oh, and enjoy this second installment of the 2009 Pickathon CD preview, Breathe Owl Breathe doing Drop and Roll… it’ll be a good one so make sure to check it out at this years Merch Booth.

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