Foxygen: Ambassadors of the here and now
Photo by Dylan VanWeelden
Friday March 22, 2013

Reviews of the new Foxygen LP (We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic out 1/22 on Jagjaguwar) have been unanimously in favor of the bands ability to have essentially constructed a love letter to some of our favorite records of the past. With that description alone, it makes sense that they would have paired up with the famed Oregon recording institution National Freedom, and it’s fearless leader/producer, Richard Swift.

Reports of the Foxygen live show have not been nearly as unanimous. In the past two weeks alone we’ve seen both praise for sold out shows and the bands onstage genius (antics), as well as ample criticism for their occasional derailment (SXSW is a hard judge though). Certainly it can be agreed that the line between these two is thin and often what makes a performer great is the art of the unexpected. We’ve seen this time and time again and look forward to encouraging the best in everyone while at Pickathon..

For those lucky enough to be in Oregon this weekend, you get a chance to see for yourself at Holocene in Portland this Sunday, or at Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove on Monday.

See you there?

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