Aug 1-4

Starlight Series: Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends
Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends | Starlight Stage, Pickathon 2016 | Photo by Heather Binns
Friday December 16, 2016

This Friday just got even more awesome because we have another Starlight Series video. The Portland Mercury and The Stranger present this new episode with Ezra Furman and The Boyfriends. They performed Lousy Connection on Saturday night as part of a rockin’ set to a stoked crowd. Special thanks to Lagunitas!

So many more videos from Pickathon 2016 await you on our YouTube channel! You can also find more of Ezra Furman’s music on our Spotify channel.

Filmed at the Starlight Stage on the beautiful Pendarvis Farm, August 6th, 2016.

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