Aug 1-4

Cherry Hill 2023 Sneak Peek!
Saturday June 24, 2023

Each year at Pickathon we invite students at Portland State University’s School of Architecture design program to create a venue made from reusable, sustainable materials. This used to be the Treeline Stage, so you’ll remember all the incredible designs they made over the years. Last year, we absorbed Treeline into the Cherry Hill Neighborhood and had PSU Architecture design that stage. In 2023, they’re back with a brand-new Cherry Hill design that will have an incredible post-Pickathon life. Check out the video to see a concept installation of what the stage will look like. After Pickathon, the stage will have a second life on Portland State University’s Oak Savanna restoration site. Nearly ten years in the making, the Oak Savanna is a reclamation of land on the PSU campus by the Indigenous Nations Studies Program. The materials and designs seen at Pickathon this year will be reassembled as a permanent installation to support the gathering and the teaching of Indigenous Traditional Ecological & Cultural Knowledge (ITECK).

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