Aug 1-4

Go Beyond Tent Camping at Pickathon 2023!
Wednesday June 28, 2023

We’ve been seriously revamping the Camping world of Pickathon, check that out on our PICKATHON INFO PAGE. Camping should be easier and more comfortable this year, but we also want to be sure to offer some fun options to go beyond the basic tent camping that’s included with every Weekend Pass at Pickathon.

We’ve REALLY sweetened the deal this year on our luxe camping options! We just heard back from our friends at Rumpl that they’ll be adding TWO beautiful Rumpl Blankets to the Camp Poler Luxe Camping Package that you can keep and take home with you after the festival! With the other free gear you’re getting from this, that means over $500 in value handed back to you when you pick up a Camp Poler Package at Pickathon. This is camping in luxury, and we’re grateful to our awesome sponsors for adding in such nice items with each camping package.

How It Works: Poler will provide a two-person tent for you and a friend (or just you!) and it will be set up in a shaded spot in the woods with two complimentary Napsacks to sleep in that you can take home with you! Poler’s Napsack is a wearable sleeping bag that you can take around the festival too. You can rest your tired legs after a long day in Poler’s camp chairs, and you can use and take home a complimentary Poler Camera Cooler for your drinks as well. Our friends at Next Adventure will supply a sleeping pad to keep you comfy at night and our buddies at Rumpl are also adding in two Rumpl Blankets that you can take home afterwards.

Bill Purcell, People RV Camping.

If you want to go beyond the tent at Pickathon, we’ve put together a whole new Neighborhood for Car and RV Camping! It’s out in a field just a bit beyond the festival, and it’ll be a great hang out for festival folks. You can bring your car or hatchback and spread out a blanket and some pillows in the back, just fall asleep under the stars while the festival echoes in the distance. Or you can bring in your RV and hook it up at the lot. Then you can really camp in style at Pickathon! Check out the details below and grab a ticket for RV or Car Camping!

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