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Guide to Pickathon 2023 Food!
Heather Binns, @heathre, food
Friday July 7, 2023
Heather Binns, @heathre, Food at Pickathon

Every year we scour the Portland area for the best up-and-coming chefs, restaurants, and food trucks, looking for amazing food to share with everyone at Pickathon! If you’ve ever stood in line for biscuits and coffee in the morning at Pickathon, kicked back with a full poke bowl while watching the Paddock stage, or tracked down a late-night snack to eat under the stars while trancing out to music, you know that Pickathon and food go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly.

We’re super happy to announce our Pickathon 2023 Food Lineup. You’ll see some returning favorites and some new surprises as well and if this list doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will! Plan to bring your appetite to Pendarvis Farm this August!

Here are some Highlights from our Pickathon 2023 Food Lineup!

Please Welcome to Pickathon:


James Beard Award nominated Chef/Co-Owner Bonnie Morales and her team cook the food of the former Soviet Republics, including many dishes inspired by her heritage as a first-generation daughter of Jewish immigrants from Belarus. The warm hospitality and lively atmosphere at KACHKA turn each meal into an event, fueled by a parade of dishes marked by deep and vibrant flavors such as dumplings, proteins grilled on the mangal, house-baked Russian bread, cured fish, pickled vegetables, and so much more. Kachka’s staff has traveled throughout the region on culinary exploration trips, the influence of which can be tasted on the menu in dishes originating in countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Kachka was recently featured in the Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil,” and was also the subject of an episode of the Emmy award-winning docuseries “The Migrant Kitchen.”


A group of scratch-made tater TOTS! makers born and raised in Boring, OR, and currently in Bend, OR.  Their scratch-made TOTS! are golf ball sized and fried to order with several seasoning and topping options.


NACHEAUX Restaurant is the concept child of husband and wife power couple Anthony and Stephanie Brown. Anthony is from Los Angeles, arguably the place with the best Mexican food within the U.S., and his wife Stephanie was raised in Louisiana, a foodie capital known for Southern cooking with heavy French influence. The flavors and spices that have evolved together, much like their marriage, are bound to keep you begging for more. 


Founded in 2017 by Spencer Piller in Portland, his hometown, and inspired by the recognition of the rapid growth of the fast-paced lifestyle, an idea was born. Get a grip, drop the sticks; LET’S ROLL. For sushi lovers, the idea of sushi on the go is near impossible. Let’s Roll into a time when it is possible. The fresh, crispness of a sushi roll, with the convenience of a burrito. Using high-quality raw ingredients, friendly staff and mind-blowing scratch-made sauce; why use chopsticks again?

Please Welcome Back Returning Favorites Like:


SMOKE & BRINE specializes in unique, innovative menus of slow-smoked barbecue meats and fish paired with seasonal pickled and fermented vegetables. Smoke & Brine is inspired by one classic culinary combination: umami-rich smoked meats paired with the bright, palate-cleansing acidity of pickled and fermented vegetables.


OBO SHOKUDO serves home-style plant-based Japanese comfort food. Almost everything is made from scratch from the best ingredients they can find.


BOKE BOWL serves ramen with handmade noodles, unique slow-simmered dashis, and seasonally changing accouterments aimed to satisfy carnivores, pescatarians, vegans, and children alike.


ATE-OH-ATE serves some of Portland’s best Hawaiian-Style Plate lunches. Everything is made in-house from scratch with the best quality ingredients. The menu includes such highlights as grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Kalua Pig, and grilled Teriyaki Tofu over rice with a choice of green salad or their famous creamy Mac salad.


Urban German, Ps & Qs Market,
THE BOB, Ben & Jerry’s, Fuego Food Carts Burritos & Bowls,
Poblano Pepper Mexican Food, and more to come!

Plus we’ll have vegan and vegetarian options, no worries there!

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