Aug 1-4

DJ Brad Vachal
DJ Brad Vachal

For nearly 35 years, Brad Vachal has been at the heart of Portland’s late-night scene, guiding its evolution through various eras. It all began in the 80s with adventurous escapades in new wave teen clubs, followed by the pioneering days of the 90s warehouse rave scene, which he helped establish with friends. As the popularity of house and electronic music soared in the late 90s and early 2000s, Brad transitioned into clubs and bars, contributing to the music’s spread. He then rode the wave of the 00s disco revival, as the internet globalized the movement. Today, he stands as one third of the infamous Soul Stew DJs, Portland’s longest-running dance night, often adding an eclectic edge to the stalwart soul night. He continues to DJ for a wide array of events, always looking to spin timeless tracks perfectly suited to the moment, striving to play “the best music I can get away with.”
Brad wears many hats in the dance music scene. Primarily recognized as a DJ, he also boasts a long tenure as a record slinger at Platinum Records. A lifelong catalyst for parties, he’s a large part of legendary events like One Love and the influential outdoor gathering, Indian Summer. With a history of producing and remixing music for labels like Tirk and DFA, he was one half of Hedford Vachal, alongside his frequent DJ partner and fellow Pickathon performer, Eric “DJ Aquaman” Hedford. As a local acid house historian, he has contributed to publications like the UK’s Faith fanzine and XLR8R. Brad has played a pivotal role in shaping Portland’s underground dance music landscape.
In these past few years, Brad eagerly embraced the opportunity to join the amazing Pickathon DJ lineup. Now, he spends all year crafting special sets for the festival, each night’s set offering a different musical time and space. Finding the through line that runs from dusty old 45 records to 12” singles hot off the press—through R’n’B, soul, funk, rock, disco, new wave, house—all distinct cultures on their own, but with strong links. All selected with a specifically Pendarvis Farm in August feeling in mind.

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