Aug 1-4

The Alphabeticians
The Alphabeticians

The Alphabeticians are a highly acclaimed rock n roll supergroup captivating kids and families throughout the Portland Metro area. Founded in 2010 by the talented duo of Mr. E (Eric Levine) and Mr. Hoo (Jeff Inlay), they have since expanded their ranks to include esteemed children’s music luminaries, Tallulah’s Daddy (Matt Lynch), and Pointed Man Band (Dan Elliott), creating a dynamic quartet. Renowned for their exceptional performances, The Alphabeticians have graced countless venues across Portland and beyond, becoming a beloved fixture in the children’s music scene. Their music radiates infectious energy, combining originality, silliness, and educational value, resulting in a delightful experience for both young listeners and their parents.

Masters of linguistic playfulness, The Alphabeticians effortlessly navigate the alphabet in all directions – forward, backward, diagonally, and even inside out. Their catchy tunes and engaging lyrics not only entertain but also ignite a passion for learning in their young audience. From toe-tapping beats to interactive dance moves, their music creates an atmosphere of joy and discovery. With a remarkable blend of upbeat melodies and clever educational content, The Alphabeticians have earned their place as the go-to band for families seeking an entertaining and enriching musical experience. Their ability to connect with audiences of all ages sets them apart, making them a cherished and sought-after group in the world of children’s music. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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