Aug 1-4


Tobias is a Portland-based musician, audio engineer, DJ and designer who’s been DJing, producing and engineering music for over 25 years. Tobias got his start as a DJ spinning house music at Portland raves and La Luna’s Queer Night in the 1990s, hugely inspired by house music DJs from Chicago.

He found his way to Chicago via the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, where he worked at seminal deep house label Guidance Recordings and released a label-based mix CD, Midnight Express Vol. II, in 2003. With some of his regular collaborators he formed Synesthesia, an art-based anti-genre series of dance parties featuring house music, italo disco, new wave, no wave, protohouse, goth, ebm and other underground dance music.

Tobias moved back to Portland in 2006 and began playing in bands, most notably with Roselit Bone, Kassi Valazza and the Verner Pantons. He continues to DJ with records and can be most frequently found spinning at the Coffin Club.

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