Photo by Liz Devine
2009 Pickathon Feedback Survey Vol. 1

Howdy Folks! Wanting to make sure we get these thoughts while they are still vivid and semi-fresh, here are our first batch of questions to help generate feedback for 2009 Pickathon. We use this feedback in our yearly planning, and appreciate when folks are able to contribute. We are always working super hard in hopes […]

One BIG Lost-and-Found post…

It’s been a week since Pickathon and we are just now crawling out of the post-Pick aftermath. Got some rest, relived much of the weekend over again in my head, got more rest… We now have the greatest lost and found blog of all time with today’s post going out to everyone out there in […]

What a weekend! Where’s Marty?

All we can say is wow! Anyone who attended Pickathon this year knew they were witnessing something special. Don’t get us wrong, there were challenges (i.e. super hot weather), but the non-stop inter play between the audience, Pendarvis Farm, and the artist’s countless inspired performances definitely dominated the weekend and the feeling seemed to get […]

Gates at noon, music starts at 3:30, and Tickets are only available at the gate…So Don’t Miss Out!

The sun is shining, the crew is out busting their humps, and we are wrapping this puppy up as the hour nears and the gates open up for the 11th Annual Pickathon. It was a long, cool night and folks here at the farm are seeming enthusiastic and relaxed. Music kicks off on 4 stages…..come […]

One Day to go … Pickathon time is here, and we’ve got more info to help answer your questions.

It’s been 10 long and hot days here at Pendarvis Farm and all we can say at this point is that things are coming together.. We are making sure that folks are set, ready to go, and most importantly….fully prepared. Here is a quick list of vital information to make Pickathon a beautiful experience. Shade […]

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