Photo by Liz Devine
Spoken Series: Stephanie Adams-Santos

This month’s episode of the Spoken Series features Portland local, Stephanie Adams-Santos sharing her poem, “Hermanxs.” Check out her (immensely impressive) bio below and visit her website,, for more background on her vast talents and extensive accomplishments. Stephanie Adams-Santos is a queer Guatemalan-American poet, writer and mystic from Portland, Oregon. Her new full-length poetry collection, […]

Starlight Series: Huun-Huur-Tu

Today’s premiere features a new episode from the Starlight Series, presented by The Portland Mercury and The Stranger. The following is from an article by Ned Lannaman for The Portland Mercury: […]Today’s video is pretty special, featuring Tuvan band Huun-Huur-Tu, who incorporate traditional Tuvan and Mongolian instruments with the trademark Tuvan throat singing. Huun-Huur-Tu was […]

On The Farm Series: J Mascis

J Mascis stepped off the radar for a bit, out to a secluded portion of the farm to share an acoustic “Little Fury Things” for our On The Farm sessions. Watch this once-in-a-lifetime footage of the man, the legend, himself. On The Farm Series features a new video every 2nd Thursday of the month. Check […]

Treeline Series: Black Milk & Nat Turner

This month’s Treeline Series debut features close to 6 minutes of Black Milk & Nat Turner’s electrifying Saturday night performance. These guys lit up the stage during the mid-summer golden hour with a tightly knit band and high-impact lyrical rap. It’s any wonder that actual stage lighting was even needed during their set. This episode […]

Galaxy Barn Series: A-WA

As we learned from Aaron Ross during his set intro, A-WA means yes in Arabic. For those of you who got to see these talented ladies at the Galaxy Barn, you know that A-WA actually meant big, huge, humongous YES at the festival. What’s more, they are every bit as charming and lovely offstage as […]

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