Aug 1-4

10 More Years of Pickathon at Pendarvis!
Time to celebrate! We’re so thrilled to announce that our permit has passed the Happy Valley City Planning Commission and we have been approved for 10 more years of Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm. We couldn’t have done this without all of your incredible support, and we can’t wait to get rolling on announcing the incredible […]
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Lee Fields performs on the Cherry Hill Stage during the Pickathon music festival in Happy Valley, Ore. on Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023. Photo by Jason Redmond / @fotojay
Punk Rock Legends at Pickathon?

John Doe is a man that has virtually done it all and likely has the scars to prove it. A rural-Los Angeles institute for music and cultural evolution, nothing short of legendary, and a career that spans a lifetime…with many good years and interesting projects ahead I am sure. Having just released earlier this year […]

Why yes, it is Easter Weekend….

And for that we have decided to give everyone who purchases tickets this weekend their very own bunny, which you will pick up at the merch table..ok, ok, not really… but wouldn’t that be kinda sweet if we could…if indeed into bunnies? So a big weekend and we have a lot to do to prepare […]

Tent Camping.

This here is a rundown of how things work out there in the woods at Pendarvis Farm. Lots of details…but I am certain you can handle it, and the info enclosed could do you good. First we will talk about Tent Camping. This is where the bulk of all weekend attendees at Pickathon call home. […]

We’ve got Winners….and Car Camping is Sold Out!

March was a quick one and a lot has happened this past month, with that comes the announcement of who ended up winning the our first Ticket Raffle of 2009 (oh yeah there will be more!). All of those details about this first raffle are here. Thanks to everyone that have purchased tickets prior to […]

Two days left for Raffling, and only 15 Car Camping passes remain..

It is officially the last Monday of March, which means we are down to only two days that remain for folks to purchase tickets and be entered into our Pickers Package/Avett Brothers Tickets Raffle-Giveaway. Take a look at that post there, and get your tickets prior to April. 1 and win! (well, maybe win..but at […]

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