Aug 3-6

Parking & Camping 2.0?
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Parking & Camping 2.0?

Whether you want to come and go all weekend in your vehicle, tent camp in a lush forest, or chill out and sleep comfortably in your Car/RV, our Parking & Camping 2.0 Plan is a radically new way of experiencing Pickathon!

What is Parking & Camping 2.0?

Pickathon continuously works to improve the festival experience, and this year we’re excited to announce that, with the addition of the new Welcome Lot, the check-in, parking, and camping experience will be better than it’s ever been! It’s a total redesign that will make your trip to Pickathon much easier. 

Arrival and Check-in at Pickathon:

The Welcome Lot is just a short half-mile from the festival and it will be your new arrival point at Pickathon if you’re driving to the festival. Just pull up to a ticketing booth and we’ll get you your festival wristband from the comfort of your own car! That’s right, you can check in entirely without getting out of your car! After checking in, you can drop your gear with the Camp Host (if you’re tent camping) and then we’ll guide you to a parking spot in either the Daily or Weekend parking lots in the Welcome Lot. If you’re camping at the Welcome Campground (RV/Car Camping), you’ll be directed straight to your camping spot where you can set up and start relaxing!

Alternatively, If you’re bicycling to Pickathon, getting dropped off, or ridesharing, you’ll arrive at the Festival Entrance. We’ll process your ticket and check you in there, and you can drop your gear with the Camp Host (if you’re tent camping), then walk across the street and straight through the front gate of the festival!

Cora (our 2023 Mascot) looks out over the new Welcome Lot

Parking at Pickathon:

Our entirely brand-new Welcome Lot is much larger than previous parking lots! It’s a huge, open field that will be easy to park in and will have lots of space for Day or Weekend parking. Our helpful parking guides will bring you right to your spot.

The Welcome Lot is just a half mile away from Pickathon’s Festival Entrance. You can either take a nice leisurely stroll or bike ride through the neighborhood to get there OR even easier you can hop on the free, continuously-running Festival Bus that will take you right there in just a couple minutes.

Pickathon tent camping, @saravandepasphotography

Tent Camping at Pickathon:

Every Weekend Pass holder at Pickathon can set up a camping tent at the festival for free (note that Single Day attendees cannot camp)! Camping at Pickathon is a very special experience. You’ll be tucked into a forested bower, following magical strings of lights to and from your tent at night, lulled to sleep by music drifting across the farm. Tent camping is the best way to disconnect from the world and be fully immersed in the Pickathon experience, as everything you need is onsite.

Whether you arrive at the Welcome Lot (driving your car) or at the Festival Entrance (biking, ridesharing, dropped off), the Camp Host will be there to help you find a great camping spot. The Camp Host is like the front desk for people camping at Pickathon, and their purpose is to make sure you have a soft landing near your campsite and an easy exit when you are ready to leave. 

Tent camping spots at Pickathon are first-come, first-served, and often the ones closest to the stages get snapped up by Thursday (that’s why we have the early bird Thurs passes available!). But don’t worry, the Camp Host will help you find a camping area and they’ll actually let you Drop Your Gear Off at check-in! They’ll direct you to one of four designated Gear Drops along the Logging Road (there will be maps!) to pick up your gear inside the festival. Now you don’t have to lug all your gear through the entire festival grounds; we’ll do it for you! Just stroll up the Logging Road at the festival, straight to your designated Gear Drop to pick up your gear. From there, you’ll be on the hunt for the perfect nearby campsite for your tent and you’ll begin your Pickathon camping adventure.

Post-Pickathon Tent Camping:

Post-Pickathon we know you’ll be tired from all the fun, so all you have to do is break down your camp (don’t leave anything behind!) and leave everything at a Gear Drop. We’ll bring it over to the Camp Host in the Welcome Lot for you! Whenever you want to leave, you can take the Festival Bus over to the Welcome Lot, pick up your gear, and get your car!

RV Camping. credit: Bill Purcell,

RV & Car Camping at Pickathon

The new RV/Car Welcome Campground is a hugely spacious, open grass meadow with views of the surrounding buttes that will feel like the perfect home base for your crew! The nearby Festival Bus and the pedestrian bike path allow you to travel back and forth to the festival at your leisure.

Buy a Car Camping or RV Pass to set up your ideal home base at Pickathon, but don’t wait too long as there is only a small amount of Car Camping and RV Camping spots remaining. Note: Buying an Early Thursday Pass allows you to arrive one day earlier starting August 3rd.

Here are some more useful notes about tent camping:

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