Visual Art at Pickathon!
Moment by Axiom, photo by Peter Lovera
Visual Art at Pickathon!

This year at Pickathon 2018, we will be showcasing a number of interactive, community-oriented art installations from artists regional and globally! These installations will expand your experience, bringing magic into the woods and fields. From larger than life installations, immersive sound experiences, to interactive motion activated LED’s, these installations will run all weekend long, day […]

Curation: Good Food, Sweet Spirits & Song

The roots of Pickathon come from music, family, food, and community.  Come have a seat at the table, as we celebrate 20 years shared, with you! Our mouths are already salivating over Pickathon Curation meals. While we’re daydreaming, check out the latest Curation Lineup page for tasty menu details, hot tips on who’s bartending, tickets, and […]

Pickathon Giveaway! REI Homestead Camping Package!

Camping at Pickathon is a commendable trek… although, we do work hard to help make that process as easy as possible. Even then, while you schlep your way to your new weekend home, backpack strapped tight, sleeping bag hanging off of one shoulder, cooler in arms, you must be wondering, “There has to be an […]

Pickathon DJ Lineup

We should all know by now that when Pickathon mentions ‘DJ’s’, what we’re talking about are serious record heads that will be giving us the best damn set change-over music you could ever ask for… Real DJs. Spinning Records Live. Thoughtful Selections. Your New Favorite Part Of Pickathon. There are five venues at Pickathon that […]


Hello friends on planet Pickathon! Here to tell you strait up that this years big event is drawing near and we’re really starting to feel the Summer heat… join us out on the farm in 30 short days! Tickets (especially Weekend & Saturday) have taken a BIG jump this past week… The race is on, the word is […]

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