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     Mon. Dec 01, 2014
Diarrhea Planet’s New EP
By Pickathon   Diarrhea Planet’s hyper energy on stage has spurred a lot of crowd surfing and head-banging at Pickathon. When the band first played a 1 a.m. show in the Galaxy Barn this year, they basically made us shit ourselves.

Two weeks ago, Diarrhea Planet released a new EP called Aliens in the Outfield - a five-track release that still has the same pop-punk sound as their previous releases.

Paste Magazine’s Hilary Saunders even sums up her review of the EP by describing, “If Aliens in the Outfield serves as any indication, Diarrhea Planet should continue to melt faces while still infusing subtle lyricism into their shredding three-minute jams.”

Make sure to download Aliens in the Outfield!
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