Thu. Apr 23, 2009 New Volunteer Info and Pendarvis Farm Work Parties, oh my.
By Pickathon  
As the story goes, the volunteer is a vital link in the social gene pool and a huge benefit to all man kind. There is so much time and energy being donated all around the world and without it things all around would be so different, and certainly for the worse (yikes!). Pickathon has been fortunate enough over the past 10 years to have pooled together one of the most amazing groups of dedicated volunteers. Folks from all over come together for not only Pickathon week, but also for all the great Work Parties we host at Pendarvis Farm throughout Spring and Summer. It is officially that time again, and have I got news for you.
To all that seek a volunteer position at the 2009 Pickathon....
*We will have our 2009 Application online in early May.
*Returning volunteers, and volunteers that attend Pendarvis Farm Work Parties will be give priority.
*First time volunteers will send in a $100 deposit check to our Volunteer Coordinator. This deposit check is shredded after the festival once we know your volunteer commitment has been fulfilled.
That about covers it for the volunteer application. We are very close to having our ducks in a row, and appreciate everyone being patient.

Next up I have a few updates about upcoming Work Parties out at Pendarvis Farm.
We have put together a schedule that will ideally stay put, and here is that schedule:
May 2-3
May 16-17
June 20-21
July 11-12

With all work parties we will be posting more details on the website in the updates, and also sending out info to our volunteer and email lists.
See you out there...and stay posted here for more info on volunteering at Pickathon as it comes down the hopper...



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