Aug 1-4  OR

Why yes, it is Easter Weekend….
Friday April 10, 2009

And for that we have decided to give everyone who purchases tickets this weekend their very own bunny, which you will pick up at the merch table..ok, ok, not really… but wouldn’t that be kinda sweet if we could…if indeed into bunnies? So a big weekend and we have a lot to do to prepare for next weekend, which as we have talked about in previous posts would be the big Pendarvis Farm Work Party #1.
Also, we have five new additions to the lineup that will come out next week as well. All five of these folks we are super pleased to welcome, four of the five we welcome for the first time. What a mystery? Any ideas?…. Anyway, we are sure that it will not disappoint. Aside from all this we have been working a great deal on our new volunteer application, which should debut prior to May 1. All you folks waiting for that to come out (we love the emails…), this will be a big step up in the application process, and hoping that we will be able to fit you all in…lots to do when setting up a small city for the weekend.
Well, anyway…enjoy these Spring days, it’s just glorious to be out from under that winter blanket. Monday will bring some news on the lineup, and that is certainly worth the wait.
Here is a sneak peek, and we will get to know these folks a little better starting on Monday. Breathe Owl Breathe, and their song Run Off…remind you of the Woods Stage?

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