Aug 1-4

Workshops at Pickathon
Friday May 28, 2010

Having long been fans of the more intimate performances that take place at Pickathon each year, we felt the need to really make the most of this years Workshops.

In general any performance without being amplified is pretty much a workshop at Pickathon. The crowd gets close and asks questions, artists are free to talk and tell stories as they’d like, and in the end we seem to always end up with several of the most dynamic and amazing performances that take place out at Pendarvis Farm.

In 2010 we wanted to raise that bar and really highlight what a treat this is to see these performers in such a way. How do we decide? Well, primarily we first go through artists that actually have interest in taking part, then we look to cover our bases with variety.

Without dragging on too much longer, here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

Songwriting Workshops with: Billy Joe Shaver, Michael Hurley, Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, Jill Andrews (+ a yet to be announced special guest, hmm?).

Instrumental Workshops with: Eric Johnson (banjo), Black Prairie, Chatham County Line, Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile, Red Stick Ramblers, Blind Boy Paxton and Frank Fairfield, and Casey MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio.

That’s a start for now with others to be added this week as we put the final touches on the complete 2010 Schedule.

*Speaking of workshops, the above video is classic Martha Scanlan from 2006, our first year at Pendarvis Farm – which was also our last year as a two-day festival. Martha and the Stuart Brothers have been consistent figures in our Workshop Barn over the past few years. Oh the memories…

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