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Being Sustainable At Pickathon 2013
Photo by Liz Devine
Friday June 14, 2013

Let’s first talk about waste shall we?

Fact: The average weekend festival-goer at Pickathon 2013 will generate less than 1.5 gallons of garbage.

Fact: Over 60% of all waste created at Pickathon 2013 will be recoverable, this includes compost and all recycling.

Fact: All garbage generated at Pickathon 2013 will fit within (1) 40 cubic-yard dumpster.

Fact: Pickathon continues to be the only music festival in the U.S. that is 100% plastic and single-use free.

It was the year 2010, and the organizers of Pickathon remember like it was yesterday. An ambitious idea initially developed alongside Klean Kanteen was hatched to see what it would take to become the first American music festival to be completely plastic and single-use free. First, was the attack on all beverage containers throughout the Pickathon weekend (plastic cups & bottles), which were 100% replaced with stainless steel pints – a product that was still being tested and not-yet-introduced to the public. This initial trial run was hugely successful, ushering a massive shift in thought and bringing a new set of expectations for what is possible. Next, was the development of a unique onsite dish washing & distribution system, which was setup to replace all single-use dishware & utensils used by food vendors. This was yet another homerun for Pickathon (and the planet), and a successful solution to an otherwise depressing and wasteful scenario. Pickathon from that point forward has continued to be a completely plastic and single-use free event

This simple, yet somehow radical change in how we do things has become the cornerstone of sustainability at Pickathon, giving all festival attendees a direct hand in helping make a major improvement – cleaner venues, a fraction of the waste, and many, many happy campers. Those interested in seeing how this innovative dish system works, check out the Pickathon Dish Infographic.

Local Resources and Renewable Energy: Being a steward of the land is a balancing act to say the least when one hosts several thousand guests over the course of a single weekend. This relationship between festival-goer and Pendarvis Farm extends far beyond the location someone chooses to pitch their tent. A lot of the planning at this time of the year is in direct collaboration with area experts; conservationists to help us understand the local wildlife needs, arborists to give guidance with forest safety, and even hay farmers that help put up the fields and in turn provide a much needed resource – bales for use during the weekend. It all comes together in helping make the impact minimal and leaving the farm a better place than it was before we arrived.

On the renewable energy front, Award Winning designer Thomas M. Ullmann will be presenting the latest WindTransit Technology on two newly developed mobile solar hybrid energy trailers. Four Mobile Solar Generators will provide a 350+ solar charging station for patrons to securely recharge electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, i-pads, etc. These, in addition to the permanent solar array that was installed on the Galaxy Barn in 2010 (first permanent solar array system installed at a major American Music Festival site), over 3.5 miles of LED trail lighting, the front gate ticketing booth lighting & power, and a 18,000 candle projector for watching stage performances while in the Galaxy Barn Beer Garden, will all be powered by the sun in 2013.

These efforts, combined with many other common-sense measures; such as localized food & drink (full menus announced at a later date), bike routes, public transit, and a shuttle service provided by alternative transportation company EcoShuttle, allow Pickathon to be on the leading edge of sustainable event management.

Experience for yourself and witness firsthand the many unique aspects that help set Pickathon apart from its contemporaries. Plan your trip to Happy Valley today and join us at the 15th annual Pickathon at Pendarvis Farm – 2013’s must-attend event of the summer.

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