Aug 1-4

Widmer Brothers Brewery
Widmer Brothers Brewery

Widmer Hefe – When Hefe was first brewed, the Widmer Brothers knew they had something very special on their hands. From the floral notes of citrus to the naturally cloudy body and refreshing finish, Hefe was unlike anything they’d ever tasted before. What they didn’t know was that this golden yet cloudy brew would become an international staple of craft brewing and forever known as America’s Original Hefeweizen.

Widmer Hopcadia – Legends speak of an emerald, misty region in the Pacific Northwest the locals call Hopcadia. A place where giant hops grow taller than your house. It’s whispered that these cone-shaped clusters are infused with something unexplained, something extra. Maybe it’s the water, maybe the air, or could be the land itself. Whatever it is, these aromatic giants magically preserve and flavor all things in their domain, especially the beer. And when you taste the stone fruit, pine, and citrus they’re known for, you can’t help but become a true believer. | Instagram

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