Aug 3-6

Pickathon 2023 will Power Stages with Hydrogen Generator!
We’re so excited to announce that, in partnership with Toyota Racing Development, we’re bringing a HYDROGEN GENERATOR to Pickathon! This will be the first time a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator is used to power festival stages! Based on Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology developed for the Toyota Mirai road car, this one-of-a-kind generator will make its […]
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Pickathon Newsletter + 2007 Videos!

I would like to redirect your attention to the monthly Pickathon Newsletter, coming by way of the Pickathon E-List. For anyone reading this and not on said list, I strongly urge you to drop what you are doing and join the club. Not only do you get monthly reminders of what’s going on, but you […]

Langhorne on Letterman…part deux.

In case you have allergies once it comes to things like “prime time” television, I have sniffed out the earliest release on the all mighty youtube. Who knows if it will last (them prime time types likely have interns waiting on the remove button for postings like this). Why I wonder were we not treated […]

Langhorne on Letterman …Tonight!

I suppose that it doesn’t need to be menioned that Langhorne, Paul, and Malachi are three bad dudes.. We already know that right? Well, one more affirmation as to why Langhorne Slim is headed to the top, tonights appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. In support of their upcoming release “Langhorne Slim” due […]


Chris Gaffney needs our help. A familiar face to Pickathon as the lead soul man of the Hacienda Brothers, now facing one of the biggest challenges of his life – a bout with Liver Cancer. What I would like to do is call out to everyone who knows Gaff and the HB’s, and hope that […]

The Next Generation.

Like any other sort of history, folk music has spanned several layers of time. Being 2008 and the onslaught of technology I feel for many it is difficult to absorb and find the pick of the litter. Many have even gone as far as to say that folk music is dead and never again will […]

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