Aug 1-4

Why Pickathon?
2023 Pickathon, Saturday happy hour Curation event performer Madison McFerrin. Photo by Rob Kerr @robkerr6
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Why Pickathon?

Forget the crowded fields and generic lineups. Pickathon isn’t your average music festival; it’s an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Here’s why Pickathon should be your next adventure:

Discover Your New Favorite Artists at Pickathon

A Music Festival in Harmony with Nature

Escape the Ordinary

Free Your Spirit (and Your Wallet)

Pickathon is a magical community united by a shared love for art, nature, and authentic experiences. Join the #IYKYK crowd and embark on a transformative journey filled with wonder, discovery, and pure joy. Trust us, once you experience the magic, you’ll never look at festivals the same way again.

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2023 Pickathon performers DEHD, Woods Stage. Photo by Rob Kerr @robkerr6
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