Aug 4-7

New discoveries at Pickathon, meet the voice of Miya Folick.
New discoveries at Pickathon, meet the voice of Miya Folick.

Characterized by powerful Kate Bush-era vocals and dark pop ballads, Miya Folick’s work brings the best of the ‘80s to the 21st century. The Los Angeles singer, who used Tinder to help compose her band, plays by her own rules, creating airy anthems for the modern world. Folick’s 2018 album Premonitions is a perfect pop […]

Cedric Burnside is the hill-country blues icon we’ve been looking for.

Two time-Grammy nominee Cedric Burnside continues to realize his own musical identity. As the grandson of legendary hill-country blues man RL Burnside, Cedric has had both ample opportunity, and a difficult path establishing his own destiny. Over the past twenty years Cedric has succeeded his father in RL Burnside’s band, lost his brother, his father, […]

We all have a lot to learn from Lido Pimienta.

The most revolutionary thing about Polaris prize winner Lido Pimienta‘s art is that it’s not just a communication. It requires you to share your space with it. In person Pimienta rearranges concert crowds to bring brown girls to the front. In interview and conversation she’s an expert at changing the point of view from a […]

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